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Whole30 – Days 9-13 – I had a bite and a slip!

It’s been a long week. The Whole30 program is progressing, but I’m still not seeing much improvement; however, my husband is feeling better and is noticing his pants are fitting better.


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Day 9

I woke up this morning with major low back pain. I slipped in the shower last night, landing on the little built-in seat. My legs ended up looking like I was ready to jump a hurdle. I hurt my back when I was 12 (spondylolisthesis), so hopefully this is just a flare up.

My upper left arm was also itchy and red. Looks like I was bit by a spider, again! I HATE spiders!!

We bought a pig last year and had it butchered. A lot was made into sausage, but we kept some of the big cuts. Today we cooked a ham. It’s difficult for me to cook, but since the boys were gone, I was in charge. Really all that meant was taking it out of the oven and checking the temperature. I was worried about it either being over or undercooked. But it turned out well.

Day 10

I had a leftover hamburger for breakfast this morning. Decided I needed a change from all the eggs. Plus I have been putting a hard-boiled egg on my salad at lunch everyday.

For dinner we had chili with ground hamburger and turkey. This was beanless for the adults, and Fred made a separate pot of beans with tomatoes for the boys to add to theirs. We had mashed potatoes that were so delicious. Since we can’t have milk on the Whole30, and the boys and I are allergic to tree nuts (no almond butter or milk in this house), we used ghee and lard. Wow! We may never use milk again for mashed potatoes.

The spider bite is spreading! It is now the size of 2 silver dollars. I have tried cortisone, but it just makes it itch more. And the back pain is still there. As much as I don’t like it, we scheduled a doctor’s appointment for Day 12.

Day 11

Meatloaf for breakfast? Yes, please! Meatloaf was dinner on Day 8. We had a lot left over, so I decided to have some for breakfast with the leftover green beans. The usual salad with chicken, roast beef, cucumber, celery, and boiled egg with the Tessemae Caesar Dressing. I have been amazed that the meals keep me full and I have not been snacking between meals. That is something I always did before the Whole30. Hey, something IS working.

For dinner we had tacos; mine was a taco salad. We found a recipe online for taco seasoning; my husband said it tasted better than the store-bought mix. I had one of the boys make sautéed onions and garlic to add to mine. It gave it a little more crunch than just having the lettuce.

Low back pain still excruciating. It hasn’t hurt this badly in a long time. The spider bite is still spreading; it is about baseball size now.

Day 12

On tap for breakfast? Meatloaf again. Salad for lunch. Dinner was tilapia for the boys and Fred, leftover chili and mashed potatoes for me. I have never really liked fish. Supposedly I ate a fish out of the fish tank when I was younger, but I think my dad is just telling tales. I did try a little piece, but it just tasted like a fish stick without the breading for me. It needed ketchup.

So, the doctor was a little concerned about the low back issue. She did x-rays to make sure I hadn’t broken my tailbone or that the spondylolisthesis hadn’t slipped more. Fortunately the x-rays came back negative. She started me on a steroid to try to ease the pain, and figured it would probably help the spider bite as well, which has now spread to the size of a tennis ball.

The Whole30 tells you not to weigh yourself until the end of the 30 days. How do you do this at the doctor’s office? You can’t avoid it. I was telling my husband that I felt I had gained weight because of all the food we were eating, but I had actually lost 3 pounds. May not sound like a lot, but I’ll take it. Hopefully there won’t be any more doctors’ visits during the rest of the Whole30. I don’t like breaking rules, and felt a little guilty.

Day 13

Usually I sleep in on the weekend, but I had to get up normal time to be able to take the prednisone. It is recommended to take it first thing in the morning; so rise and shine! Wasn’t feeling too hungry, so just had an egg and a few carrots for breakfast. The usual salad (but smaller) for lunch.

Fred decided he was wanting drumsticks for dinner. He’s never grilled them before. Yes, we are trying a lot of new things, especially cooking techniques. I was in the mood for steak. He went to the local butcher market; they were having a customer appreciation day. The boys enjoyed some different foods, but Fred figured they would have sugar or something that was not Whole30 compliant, so he didn’t have anything. But he picked up the drumsticks, steak, and ground pork to make some sausage.

The spider bite does seem to be going down a little, but the back pain is still intense. Of course when in pain, I really want to have chocolate as comfort. It has been really hard not to go find some. But I have resisted. I am dedicated to finishing the Whole30 and continue on. I think this is a little setback, but I still think that the Whole30 is the way to go.

If you are looking to possibly start the Whole30, check out the Whole30 book and the Whole30 cookbook. I was also looking on Amazon and found this Primal Kitchen Whole30 Kit that includes 2 types of mayo, 2 dressings, and avocado oil. I may have to try this after we finish the other mayo.

You can check out our first day on the Whole30 as well.

Hope everyone has a good week. Here’s to your health!


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