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Whole30 Program – Days 6-8

Guess I am a little behind on my posting for our Whole30 program daily results. The Whole30 book was right, these days have been rough. I’m hoping the light is right around the corner.


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Day 6

My husband grilled steaks tonight on the grill, and they were awesome! We put the garlic-shallot sauce on that is recommended in the Whole30 cookbook. The recipe called for a puree, but we decided to skip that step. We like the chunks of garlic and shallot. AMAZING!!! And the steak was so big, we were able to split it up into another meal.

Let me say, the meals are getting a little easier. My boys are fixing my breakfast and lunch everyday, so I just have to let them know what I want. Service with a smile. It’s like eating out everyday, but not leaving the house (a plus since I am an extreme introvert and have severe social anxiety). And I love the Tessemae Caesar Dressing so much I just bought a 3-pack from Amazon. I really need to try to make my own dressing, but this tastes SO good!

Today was grocery shopping today. It is definitely more difficult to shop when you have to stop and read the ingredients of everything. Also surprising is the number of things that have sugar hidden in them. And of course they don’t always use the word sugar. Things like dextrose, maltose, and sucralose are either sugar or artificial sugar. They can be found in most deli meats, sauces, canned fruit, etc. And don’t get me started on those that have high fructose corn syrup!

I did splurge and bought a pack of La Croix sparking water which is all natural, calorie free, and sodium free. The orange flavor looked good, because I miss drinking orange juice. You are allowed small quantities of juice on the Whole30, but they recommend limiting your consumption. And since I am a sugar fanatic, I figured I would cut it out completely. Many people have recommended LaCroix water and I can see why.

My body is still achy, but they say it can be between Days 7 and 11 before that goes away. And with all my autoimmune issues, it may even be a little longer.

Day 7

Today we were invited to go out to eat with family at an Italian restaurant. Oh, I love Italian food!! But, we declined. Neither of us felt that we would be able to find something Whole30 program compliant at the restaurant. So we just went and saw family, they had snacks ready for the boys, and the boys made a loaf of their banana bread to share (definitely not Whole30 program compliant). Fortunately, our family understands that I am trying to heal my gut, and Fred is doing it with me for support (although he has already seen some changes).

We had a great time visiting, and then came home to make a quick dinner. It’s a good thing we had that leftover steak!! We heated that up and added a salad and dinner was served, at least for the adults. The boys made spaghetti and finished off some other leftovers.

Day 8

The aches are still here. Still haven’t reached that happy place yet. But I’m not giving up. I am sure it will just take time. It took plenty of time to put on the extra weight and have the immune problems creep up on me, so it will probably take a while to start feeling better. And some of the issues still may not go away. This isn’t a magic pill. I realize that just a little frustrating to still be so achy.

I had chicken and roast beef salad for lunch again with the Caesar dressing. Here is a picture. Doesn’t that look good?


Fred made a meatloaf tonight that was delicious. He likes to combine ground beef and turkey, and then adds plenty of garlic, onions, and mushrooms. I’m still trying to get used to the Tessemae Ketchup that has date puree in it, but I may end up trying to make my own from the Whole30 book.

It is nice being able to eat “real” meals. Most diets restrict so much. But I feel like we are able to eat plenty of things with the Whole30 program. The biggest things to cut out are the wheats and sugars.

So that about sums it up. Hopefully, the next few days will be even easier and this headache will go away.



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