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White Noise Machine Review

Review of Products to Help You Sleep

White noise is simply noise that relies on a consistency to help you sleep. It does this by covering up other noises so that the sleeper focuses on one steady noise.

This type of noise can not only be used to help a person get to sleep, but it can also be used to help prevent repeated waking throughout the night. What you may not realize about noise is that you tune in to noise and when that noise is the same, it soothes you. When the noise suddenly changes frequencies, it can make you wake up or have trouble falling asleep.

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This is why things, like listening to the radio, or to music on a loop or falling asleep in front of the television, will still end up waking you.

White noise works because it’s steady. Your ears tune in to the frequency of the white noise. This calms you and helps to lull you to sleep. One of the best ways to introduce white noise as part of your sleep habit is to get a white noise machine.

The Big Red Rooster white noise machine is one that can help you to get the sleep that you want. You’ll end up falling asleep quicker with the machine than you do without it. The machine works by providing users with a consistent sound that doesn’t disrupt sleep.

This machine is compact, so it can fit pretty much anywhere. The wide speaker on the front makes it easy to listen to the sounds even if it’s across the room from the bed.

It does have the ability to be used with batteries (3 AA not included) or you can use the adapter that’s included and just plug it in.

The machine has one indicator button for the on/off switch. This will light up with a green light so that you can see it in the dark. You do have a sleep timer option that allows you to choose a time that you want the machine to shut off. These timed options are for 15, 30, or 60 minutes. After that, the machine will automatically stop playing.

There is an easy to control volume function so that you can choose from low or higher sounds.

You’ll get six different choices when it comes to the sounds that you hear. The first one is white noise. It also has a soft thunder as well as one that’s just rain. If you’ve ever slept during the rain then you know how soothing that one can be.

You can choose between the sound of the ocean waves rolling in and out or you can choose the sound of a gentle bubbling brook. If you want something other than water sounds, you can chose the summer night nature sound that the machine offers.

The cost of the machine is inexpensive considering the quality and features you get with this product.

Another type of White Noise Machine

You can also get a model that is an alarm clock and white noise machine. Homedics Recharged Alarm Clock & Sound Machine is a 6-in-1 device. It includes an alarm, sleep sound machine, projection clock, thermometer, digital FM radio, and a smartphone holder.

There are 8 different sounds to choose from: fan, campfire, rainforest, ocean, gentle rain, white noise, thunderstorm, and brook. These sounds were recorded to sound like a natural environment.

This would be a great gift for a teen or for someone that likes gadgets.



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