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Welcome to 3 in 15 makes 5: A family blog

I’m sure you are wondering about the title of our blog. We had 3 kids in 15 months, making a family of 5. It was a big adjustment. Married in 2001, 1st son in 2002, and then twin boys in 2003.

Our first picture as a family of 5

Who We Are:

We are Fred and Kim. After going through 15 years of parenting highs and lows, we decided to start a blog to help others. We plan to have articles on the early, middle, and teen years. Each stage has its own challenges, and we have always said that things don’t get better, they get different. We never liked it when people would say, “It will get better.” Some things may become easier, but then there will be new challenges.


During these years, we have handled different health issues, including finding out the hard way that our boys have a tree nut allergy like their Mama. Also, Kim has struggled for many years with anxiety. At first she did not want to share this with anyone for having the “stigma” of a mental illness, but now she wants to help others who may be suffering. You are not alone!

And we are a homeschooling family. The boys are starting 10th and 9th grades. We have tried many different curricula while homeschooling, and continually learn new things; but have finally come up with a plan that works for us. We like checklists! So you may find a freebie or two (or more) once we are set up.

What Will You Find?

So what will you find on this blog? We plan to have articles on family, homeschool, health, work, etc. We will share some of the funny stories of the boys growing up as well as some of the struggles. We are a plain family, willing to share some of our stories with you to help you realize you aren’t alone. If there is something you would like to see, please let us know. Comments are alwa

ys welcome. We may even have a guest blog from our boys now and then to give the teenage view.

Did I mention 3 teenage boys?! That’s where we are now. The oldest will be starting Drivers’ Ed in September. Mama is not quite ready for that in a way, but will be happy to have another driver. I’m sure that will provide a few posts.

Please bare with us as we are learning something new too: blogging. We will try to have a couple of posts a week.


Fred & Kim.

fred and kim - 3in15makes5

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