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Understanding Your Spiritual Gift – Devotional About Giving

“Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful
stewards of God’s grace in its various forms.” – 1 Peter 4:10, NIV

Devotional About Giving – Day 27

Devotional About Giving


Diana had heard of “spiritual gifts,” abilities God gives to a person so they can serve others. But she was never sure what her gift was. She wondered if God had even given her one.

One day, she decided to share her concerns with her friend, Carol. The two had met at a meeting for divorced women. At the time, Carol was going through a nasty divorce, and Diana took her under her wing. She spent hours listening to Carol’s concerns, showing up at court hearings, and sharing advice.

When Diana shared her fear that she didn’t have a spiritual gift, Carol just laughed.  “A lot of people miss what their spiritual gift is. That’s because a spiritual gift is sometimes so natural that you’ve been using it your whole life without realizing it.”

Then her friend went on to point out how Diana had a habit of “adopting” women who were going through divorces. “You bring healing to these women. That’s your gift—the gift of healing.”

When Diana thought about it, she realized she’d been helping others find healing for a long time—as a girl, she would care for wounded animals. In college, she volunteered at a local hospital, cheering up sick patients. Now, she worked with divorced women.

Like Diana, you may be uncertain of what your spiritual gift is. But know that God has given each of his children a special gift. It delights your Heavenly Father to see you recognize and use your gift!

God, would you reveal to me the spiritual gift You shared with me? I want to use it to serve others – please show me how to do that!

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