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The Purple Bed Review

Review of Products to Help You Sleep

Many people are glad to get out of the bed in the mornings because they just don’t sleep well. They struggle with pain and discomfort and the cause of their restlessness is because their mattress isn’t doing the job that it should do.

A mattress is supposed to help you sleep. It should be comfortable and cushion the pressure points of your body. While a few mattresses do that, many don’t. Which is why there’s an epidemic of people who sleep miserably.

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That doesn’t have to continue being your story. With the right mattress, not getting the kind of sleep you deserve can be a thing of the past. The right mattress is the one known as the Purple Bed.

This mattress is uniquely designed to give you layers that are soft yet backed by firmness. What that does is offer the soft areas that some parts of your body need yet the firmness for other parts of your body.

It works to support your body and hold both your hips and shoulders. By doing this, the mattress takes away the pain that you get when a mattress doesn’t support your pressure points.

At the same time, the product also supports and gives proper alignment to your back so when you wake up, you won’t be dealing with a backache. The way that the bed is designed puts the soft layer of foam on the top and then that layer is held by the firm layer of foam, both of which support your body.

This is what offers a soothing night’s sleep for all over your body. The mattress has what’s known as the Smart Comfort Grid. This grid is what gives you a customizable sleep because the grid will adjust to the pressure of your body.

It’s this top of the line design that allows it to adjust to what your sleep needs are. The mattress is made to sleep without making you too hot or too cold. It offers just the right temperatures every time thanks to the free-flow air channels.

Plus, it has motion isolation and this feature prevents the movements of a partner from waking you up. It also absorbs your own motion so the movement won’t pull you awake as you turn over and you’ll get a tranquil night’s sleep.

The mattress is an antimicrobial mattress so it helps to keep away things like dust mites or fungi that might cause allergies. The product uses recycled materials including the packaging. There is also a ten-year warranty on the mattress.

Over the top of the mattress is a knit cover that snugly fits without being pulled so tightly that it forms a bounce. If you want to finally sleep well, then this is the mattress you need to get.

Different Size Options for the Purple Bed

Twin XL




California King


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