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Choose to Be a Blessing – Thanksgiving Devotional

“Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers,
for by so doing some people have shown
hospitality to angels without knowing it.” – Hebrews 13:2, NIV

Thanksgiving Devotional Day 24

Thanksgiving Devotional


Tawny was stranded in the pouring rain with her four daughters. She was a single mom who’d just bought groceries. After she put her bags in her truck and buckled in her little ones, she turned to start the vehicle.

To her dismay, it wouldn’t start. She spent hours trying to flag someone down to help. Her kids were hungry and scared.

She was trying to comfort them when there was a knock on the driver’s side window. She rolled it down to find an elderly gentleman standing there.

He quickly explained that his wife was on the way to drive her and the girls back to their home. Then he handed her a plate of food for her daughters and promised to have her truck towed.

Tawny took the food gratefully and fed her daughters. When she woke the next day, she contacted the mechanic who had towed her truck the night before.

She expected a huge bill, but the mechanic laughed. “It’s already been covered. The gentleman who towed it paid for everything.”

Thanksgiving gives everyone a moment to pause and consider their blessings. As you think about all you’re grateful for this year, choose to be a blessing to someone in need.

God, thank You for the time to pause and reflect. You’ve blessed me with so many wonderful people and things. Now let me be a blessing to someone else this holiday season.

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