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3 Top Homeschool Resources

I feel like I am so behind. Starting the Whole30 program has left me very tired. I’ve been wanting to start many posts about homeschool for a while now, but I’ve just been too tired. Sound familiar?

As homeschool moms (or dads), we have a tendency to spend all our energy on our children. I can relate. My boys are in 10th and 9th grade right now, so Crown Academy is officially a High School. It’s hard to believe. Just the other day they were babies!! Continue reading 3 Top Homeschool Resources

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Our First Week of Homeschool This Year

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I have been wondering when to start our new year of homeschool, and this is the week. Baseball season is over. Our oldest made it to the All-Star team and went to State. Then we had family come to visit. I wanted to start in July, but life got in the way. And that’s okay.

One of the beauties of homeschooling is the chance to learn life lessons. Each state requires a certain amount of time or days per school year (it is 180 days for our state). There is not a mandatory start date, nor an ending date. As long as you get your days in, everything is good. Continue reading Our First Week of Homeschool This Year

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Welcome to 3 in 15 makes 5: A family blog

I’m sure you are wondering about the title of our blog. We had 3 kids in 15 months, making a family of 5. It was a big adjustment. Married in 2001, 1st son in 2002, and then twin boys in 2003.

Our first picture as a family of 5

Who We Are:

We are Fred and Kim. After going through 15 years of parenting highs and lows, we decided to start a blog to help others. We plan to have articles on the early, middle, and teen years. Each stage has its own challenges, and we have always said that things don’t get better, they get different. We never liked it when people would say, “It will get better.” Some things may become easier, but then there will be new challenges. Continue reading Welcome to 3 in 15 makes 5: A family blog