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Your Stressed-Out Brain

There are some people who will tell you that they thrive in stressful environments. Stress pushes them to succeed. Others seem to crumble under its power. They are stressed out all the time. So, what is the truth about stress? Do you have a stressed-out brain?

Stress is the body’s response when it faces a threat, whether perceived or real. It causes your heart to pound, and adrenaline to course through your veins muscles tense, ready to act, and your brain is on high alert. This stress response still lingers, and in truth, it’s wreaking havoc. Continue reading Your Stressed-Out Brain

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Brain Health: 6 Essential Tips to Keep Your Brain Healthy

A person’s existence has a significant impact on their brain health. How you manage stress, how well you socialize, how well you sleep, how much you exercise, and what you drink and eat are all crucial to brain health. So how do you achieve brain health? The Cleveland Clinic identifies six pillars of brain health that can help you achieve optimal brain health, even into old age. Continue reading Brain Health: 6 Essential Tips to Keep Your Brain Healthy