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5 Ways to Reduce Stress in Your Life

Stress is something that seems unavoidable in today’s fast-paced world.  While the human body is built to adapt to and handle short-term stress well, it is not able to handle the effects that stress can have on someone’s body. It is important to be able to reduce stress.

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No one is going to be able to avoid stress.  Stress comes in a variety of forms and different areas of your life like relationships, health issues, and work.  It does not matter if you have a great day in one of these areas, there could still be stress in another one.

Many things can help you to reduce stress that you have in your home.  Here are five ways that are considered to be the most important.

reduce stress massage

Relaxation Time

Everyone needs time to relax.  It is important that you get at least a few minutes of relaxation time each day.  For parents, it might feel like there is never enough time to relax.  The problem is that if you are not resting, then it is taking a longer period of time to do the things that you need to get done.  Regular relaxation is going to make you more efficient.

A few ideas for relaxation include taking a nap, a back massage, or a foot massage. Curl up with a good book. Soak in the tub. Find something that soothes you. I received a percussion massager for Christmas, and it is helping to relieve some of the tension I have in my shoulders.

Have Positive Thoughts

Another thing that you should adopt is a policy to think more positively.  If you are always sure to think positive thoughts, then you will be more likely to be happy in life.

This happiness can carry over to helping you feel less stressed.  Positive self-talk can help a lot, too.  Telling yourself that you can do something or always looking at what you did right rather than focusing on what you did wrong will do wonders for reducing the amount of stress that you feel.

Read books on positivity. A great choice is Norman Vincent Peale’s The Power of Positive Thinking. This book has sold over 5 million copies.

Also, follow threads on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest. There are plenty of quotes and memes out there to help you.

man praying to reduce stress

Spend Time in Prayer or Meditation

Spending time in prayer or meditation is something that can be soothing and help you with being able to reduce your stress.  There are many reasons for this, but the main one seems to be that people who are more spiritual have more hope.  Having hope can give you a sense of peace and reduce the amount of worry that you have.  This all leads to less stress at home.

Make or buy a prayer journal. Write down your thoughts.

We also have a printable of Bible verses for anxiety and fear that would also work for stress. You can request a copy.

Do Not Bring Stress Home

If work has been bad and stressful, then it is important to forget about that stress once you walk inside the doors at home.  For the millions who now work from home, have times that are just for family and things that are not associated with work and leave work stress behind during those times.

Focusing on the positive things about your job when talking to your family or spouse can help you leave the stress from the job behind.  Turning the home into a sanctuary that is void of the stress that is felt outside of the home will help the home to be less stressful as a whole.

woman soaking in tub to reduce stress

Do One Thing at a Time

Focussing on one thing at a time can be hard.  In a world where some people expect so much out of themselves, it can be nearly impossible to start to slow down and focus entirely on each thing that you are doing.

If you can focus completely on the task at hand, you will be more present in this task. This means that you will do a better job, reducing stress as a whole.

So when it is time to do the dishes, the only thought that you should have is on the dishes.  When it is time to take a bath the only thought that you should have is the bath that you are taking.  This should be something that you try to attain throughout your day in all that you are doing.

While stress is unavoidable, there are so many things that you can do to help avoid the stress that you feel.  These five tips will help you to be able to remove stress from your home and to reduce the amount of stress you feel in your life.

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Skimming? No problem. Ways to relax:
1. Relaxation time
2. Have positive thoughts
3. Spend time in prayer or meditation
4. Do not bring stress home
5. Do one thing at a time

Action items:

Check out the percussion massager, prayer journal, and The Power of Positive Thinking book.


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