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Praying for Those who Doubt

“Now Thomas (also known as Didymus), one of the Twelve, was not with the disciples when Jesus came.” – John 20:24, NIV

Henry had been a pastor for over twenty years. He loved the little church he ministered over and delighted in serving them. He watched children grow up to become adults who brought their little ones to the Sunday services.

But when his own daughter returned from college questioning her faith, Henry felt like a failure. He searched and searched, trying to understand what he’d done wrong. He was terrified to share his daughter’s questions with the congregation.

He finally reached out to a mentor. The older man listened to him as Henry poured out his heart, uncertain of how he should respond to his daughter. Finally, his mentor said, “Do you know what Jesus did with Doubting Thomas? He let him touch his scars. Jesus doesn’t shoo away doubters; rather he invites them closer.”

When loved ones doubt their faith or question God, it can be upsetting. We worry that we’ve failed and we wonder how to show them love in the middle of their doubts. Follow Jesus as your example. Invite them to bring out their doubts. Let them wrestle through this season. You never know what Jesus will reveal to them.


Jesus, I pray for (name). I think they’re doubting their faith and that scares me. Please show up in my loved one’s life! Reveal Your gentle touch. Show them Your scars and let them know they can trust you. In Your name, Amen.


February 22 Devotional

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