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Paleo in 28 Book Review

What if you could transform yourself and your lifestyle in just 28 days with five ingredients used for recipes that can make a difference in your weight and your health? Paleo in 28 is well worth pursuing, especially if you’ve wanted to try the Paleo diet but didn’t know where to begin.

 paleo in 28 book review
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What is Paleo in 28?

Paleo in 28 makes starting the process easy and helps you reach your goals of weight loss and healthy lifestyle. It’s a day-by-day instruction book for easing into the paleo lifestyle without being overwhelmed by information.

Kenzie Swanhart is the author of Paleo in 28 and also founded and wrote Cave Girl in the City, a popular food blog that has helped to make the paleo lifestyle a reality for so many people.

Swanhart starts off by giving you a primer to set you up for the 28-day paleo experience. Then she explains how Paleo in 28 will bring you the success you’ve always dreamed of to change your body and lifestyle for the better.

Weekly meal plans set you up for planning your meals without stress. There are only five ingredients for you to prepare each recipe to perfection.

You’ll find 130 recipes for breakfast, salads, soups, snacks, entrees, and side dishes. There are even recipes for delicious desserts and smoothies.

At the end of the 28 days, you’ll be all set to continue the paleo lifestyle with experience and confidence. You’ll already see a difference in your body and the way you think about food. Cravings will have subsided or completely disappeared.

You will have also given up the processed foods and junk that are the nemesis of the population. Now you are enjoying the meals that our bodies were meant to consume. It’s the diet of our ancestors – before unhealthy foods replaced real, whole foods.

Rather than counting calories and depending on low-fat foods for your diet, the paleo plan is a natural way to lose weight and you’ll be able to eat much more than you ever have on any diet. I don’t know about you, but I always hated the counting-calorie diets, and they never worked for me.

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Why Paleo in 28?

The Paleo in 28 plan is multi-faceted:

  • lets you lose excess weight and keep it off
  • improves your health by lowering your blood pressure
  • helps your digestive system work properly
  • provides the nutrients your body needs

One of the main reasons you’ll want to try the Paleo in 28 plan is to prevent the onset of chronic diseases that most of the population is experiencing. We no longer consume the foods our bodies were meant to have, and that protected us from body malfunctions.

If you stick to the Paleo in 28 plan, you’ll likely want to continue the paleo lifestyle and enjoy the benefits it brings.

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