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Do You Have Anxiety? It Could Be Affecting Your Sleep

I have severe anxiety. Not just that, I have multiple anxiety triggers: social situations, driving, and general anxiety (it can happen at any time with no warning). I used to be so scared to let people know. But now I realize it is okay. If I can help one person, I feel that I will have accomplished something. Continue reading Do You Have Anxiety? It Could Be Affecting Your Sleep

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3 Top Homeschool Resources

I feel like I am so behind. Starting the Whole30 program has left me very tired. I’ve been wanting to start many posts about homeschool for a while now, but I’ve just been too tired. Sound familiar?

As homeschool moms (or dads), we have a tendency to spend all our energy on our children. I can relate. My boys are in 10th and 9th grade right now, so Crown Academy is officially a High School. It’s hard to believe. Just the other day they were babies!! Continue reading 3 Top Homeschool Resources

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Our First Day of the Whole30 Program

After many years of struggling with weight and health, we decided to try the Whole30 plan. We have read many different plans, and even tried a few. Nothing ever seemed to work well.

However, the Whole30 seems different. The book takes you through the steps, and even lets you know that there will be tough days. It’s not going to be a picnic. Our bodies are going to be detoxing from all of the sugar and carbs we have eaten. Continue reading Our First Day of the Whole30 Program