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13 Different Methods of Homeschooling

If you are planning on homeschooling your child, you will need to learn the many styles of homeschooling that’s available so that you can decide which would work best for your family. The top 5 today are Classical, Eclectic, Charlotte Mason, Unit Studies, and Unschooling. Continue reading 13 Different Methods of Homeschooling

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Whole30 – Days 21-26

It has been a long week. Actually, the Whole30 part has been great. We are eating well, I feel full, and I finally feel like I have lost some weight. Although I don’t see or feel too many differences, I think that the Whole30 is working. I have had fewer naps over the past week, but I still hurt. But a big part of that is due to my continued back pain.

Continue reading Whole30 – Days 21-26

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A “Normal” Homeschool Day

Would you like a glimpse into a day of a homeschooling family?

I put normal in quotes because with homeschooling, you never really have a “normal” day. We are a little over 3 weeks into our current school year. The boys are in 9th (A & J) and 10th (S) grades. Continue reading A “Normal” Homeschool Day