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10 Steps to Become an Effective Parent

Becoming an effective parent is not just important, but it is also hard work.  There are many reasons this is important for you and your children.

It is likely that you feel like you have no idea how to be an effective parent.  Also, it is likely that you have fallen into some negative parenting traps – like yelling at your kids (been there, done that).  Continue reading 10 Steps to Become an Effective Parent

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Symptoms of an Anxiety Attack

Are you aware that anxiety attack symptoms can sometimes mimic physical problems? Some even think they are having a heart attack (I know this personally).

Every single one of us has experienced what it’s like to be anxious. From childhood where you may have felt nervous about school to adulthood, feeling worried about a change at work – anxiety is a regular part of every person’s life.

Continue reading Symptoms of an Anxiety Attack