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No Good Thing

“For the LORD God is a sun and shield; the LORD bestows favor and honor; no good thing does he withhold from those whose walk is blameless.” – Psalm 84:11, NIV

Lucy sighed as she opened her Instagram app and saw another friend had become engaged. She’d been praying that God would send her a husband, but as the years passed, it was getting harder.

She was tired of being alone, and the happy news of her friend’s engagement made her heart hurt. She felt angry and betrayed by God. But she determined she wouldn’t let these emotions run away with her heart today.

She left a quick comment on her friend’s post then logged out. She turned up worship music and began praising God for all He had done for her and the blessings He’d poured out over the years.

It’s hard when you log in and see someone on social media that has what you want. Maybe it’s a material possession, a relationship, or a special blessing. It’s easy to let this cloud your heart and make you think that God isn’t playing fair.

But God never withholds His best from those that are seeking Him. Rather than focus on your discontent, disconnect. Turn off social media for a few minutes and use the time to meet with God instead.


Lord, sometimes I see others on social media, and I’m tempted to covet what they have. Help me to turn my eyes away from the external so I can focus on the Eternal! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

October 20 Devotional

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