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Loving Your Blended Family

Today’s Verse

“The Spirit himself testifies with our spirit that we are God’s children.” – Romans 8:16, NIV

Mike was a mechanic working in Atlanta when he met his wife, Sophie, through a dating site. Sophie was up-front from the beginning that she was a single mom.

Though Mike had never imagined dating a woman with children, he couldn’t deny he felt drawn to Sophie. From their first date, she felt like a long-lost friend. They bonded over their shared interests of hiking and camping.

After a year together, Mike proposed. They chose a simple wedding and quickly purchased a beautiful home in the suburbs.

Not everything was smooth-sailing with Sophie’s kids. Mike did his best to build a bond with each child. But some days, he wondered if they’d ever accept him and allow him to love them. Every time he thought he was making progress, something would happen to make him doubt it.

When he went to move a notebook left on the living room floor, Mike caught the beginning of an essay Sophie’s youngest daughter had started. “My daddy died when I was three. So I asked God to send me a new one, and he did! His name is Mike, and he makes the best pancakes. Plus, he does funny voices.”

The note made Mike smile and gave him the strength to keep going.

It can be hard for everyone involved in a blended family, especially step-parents. You may feel like your stepkids hate you or that what you’re doing isn’t making a difference. But showing love and grace to your stepchildren can change the course of their lives.


God, blended families aren’t easy. When it’s hard to love, remind me again that Jesus can from a blended family, too. Let me be compassionate toward everyone in my household. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


June 2 Devotional

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