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The Least of These – Devotional About Giving

“The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these
brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’ – Matthew 25:40, NIV

Devotional About Giving – Day 4

Devotional About Giving


Naomi was shopping for clothes with her daughter, Reagan, who was in the third grade. Her daughter asked for a new backpack, and Naomi said, “You already have a perfectly good one at home. If you want a second backpack, you’ll have to pull it out of your allowance fund.”

Reagan thought for a moment, touched the backpack tenderly and carefully counted out her dollars to pay for it.

Later that evening, Naomi went to tuck her daughter into bed. The girl was stuffing notebooks, pens, and other items into the new backpack. “Are you going to take that one tomorrow? Do you need help transferring your things?”

Her daughter shook her head and continued packing.

Naomi sighed, “You can’t take two backpacks to school. They’ll be heavy. You should pick one. Maybe rotate them out or something.”

Reagan looked up from her task, “But Mom, this one is for my friend. He doesn’t have any supplies so I told him I’d share some. You said, in this house, we take care of the least of these.”

Naomi, with tears flowing, was delighted by her daughter’s kindness. “Then, we’ll go to the store and find more supplies tomorrow.”

God, let my eyes be open to the needs of those around me. I want to show the world how deep and bountiful Your love really is.

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