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Internet Evangelism

He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” – Mark 16:15, NIV

Richard was almost seventy before he finally retired. He’d loved his job as a surgeon, and he’d enjoyed playing a small role in healing patients.

But after he retired, Richard felt stuck. He wasn’t sure what to do next. He felt a tug toward ministry, but he wasn’t sure how to get started.

When he heard about the concept of “internet evangelism,” he was fascinated. He searched online and saw dozens of opportunities. He experimented and tried several.

Then he discovered an online ministry that outlines the Gospel story and invites visitors to pray for salvation. But it also invites visitors to submit questions about God and faith directly to the website. Each question is personally answered by a volunteer.

Richard applied to become a volunteer. Now, he spends two afternoons every week answering spiritual questions and leading others to the Lord.

Sometimes, it’s tempting to believe that you have nothing to contribute to the church. But, like Richard, you can serve God by giving of your time or your talents.


Lord, please help me to use my time and gifts to honor You. Show me how I can reach out and minister to those around me.

October 2 Devotional

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