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Go in Peace

Then David accepted from her hand what she had brought him and said, “Go home in peace. I have heard your words and granted your request.” – 1 Samuel 25:35

Abigail was tending to her home when one of her servants came to warn her. He explained that David and his men had spent months protecting her husband’s sheep and looking out for their shepherds.

The servant said, “But when David sent a message, asking for food and water for his men, your husband would have none of it. Now, David is headed this way, and he looks very angry. All of us will perish for your husband’s insult.”

Abigail quickly mobilized her household. She sent food ahead to David and met him on the path up to her house. Quickly, she explained that she had not seen the men and begged his forgiveness.

Rather than respond by showing power or anger, Abigail came humbly. She brought peace into a difficult situation and saved her entire household by doing so.

The next time you’re tempted to respond to someone harshly, remember Abigail. With a soft answer and a kind spirit, she turned away David’s wrath.


Lord, please guard my responses today. Help me to approach each situation with humility, seeking a peaceful outcome for both sides. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

August 15 devotional

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