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Daily Lent Meditations for 2019

Meditations for Lent

from St. Thomas Aquinas.
Translated by Father Philip Hughes, 1937.



Tuesday, Mar 5: Our Lord is Scourged

Ash Wednesday, Mar 6: Death

Thursday, Mar 7: Fasting

Friday, Mar 8: The Crown of Thorns

Saturday, Mar 9: The Grain of Wheat

Sunday, Mar 10: It Was Fitting That Christ Should Be Tempted

Monday, Mar 11: Christ Had to be Tempted in the Desert

Tuesday, Mar 12: Christ Underwent Every Kind of Suffering

Wednesday, Mar 13: How Great Was the Sorrow of Our Lord in His Passion?

Thursday, Mar 14: It Was Fitting That Christ Should Be Crucified With the Thieves

Friday, Mar 15: The Feast of the Holy Lance and the Nails of Our Lord

Saturday, Mar 16: The Love if God Shown in the Passion of Christ

Sunday, Mar 17: God the Father Delivered Christ to His Passion

Monday, Mar 18:  It Was Fitting That Our Lord Should Suffer at the Hands of the Gentiles

Tuesday, Mar 19:  The Passion of Christ Brought About Our Salvation Because it Was a Meritorious Act

Wednesday, Mar 20:  The Passion of Christ Brought About Our Salvation Because it Was an Act of Satisfaction

Thursday, Mar 21:  That the Passion of Christ Brought About Its Effect Because it Was a Sacrifice

Friday, Mar 22:  Feast of the Holy Winding Sheet

Saturday, Mar 23:  The Passion of Christ Wrought Our Salvation by Redeeming Us

Sunday, Mar 24:  It is the Passion of Christ That Has Freed Us From Sin

Monday, Mar 25:  The Passion of Christ Has Delivered Us From the Devil

Tuesday, Mar 26:  Christ is Truly Our Redeemer

Wednesday, Mar 27:  The Price of Our Redemption

Thursday, Mar 28:  The Preaching of the Samaritan Woman

Friday, Mar 29:  It is By the Passion of Christ That We Have Been Freed From the Punishment Due to Sin

Saturday, Mar 30:  The Passion of Christ Reconciles Us to God

Sunday, Mar 31: Christ by His Passion Opened to Us the Gates of Heaven

Monday, Apr 1: Christ by His Passion Merited to be Exalted

Tuesday, Apr 2: The Example of Christ Crucified

Wednesday, Apr 3: The Divine Friend

Thursday, Apr 4: The Death of Lazarus

Friday, Apr 5: The Precious Blood

Saturday, Apr 6: There Was Not Any More Fitting Way to Free the Human Race Than Through the Passion of Christ

Sunday, Apr 7: The Passion of Christ

Monday, Apr 8: The Passion of Christ is a Remedy Against Sin

Tuesday, Apr 9: The Burial of Christ

Wednesday, Apr 10: On Being Buried Spiritually

Thursday, Apr 11:  Which is the Greatest Sign of His Love Our Lord Has Given Us?

Friday, Apr 12: Our Lady’s Suffering in the Passion

Saturday, Apr 13: How We, Each of Us, Should Wash One Another’s Feet

Sunday, Apr 14: Christ’s Passion Serves Us as an Example

Monday, Apr 15: It is Necessary that We Be Wholly Clean

Tuesday, Apr 16: Christ Preparing to Wash the Apostle’s Feet

Wednesday, Apr 17: Three Things are Symbolised by the Washing of the Feet

Thursday, Apr 18: The Last Supper

Friday, Apr 19: The Death of Christ

Saturday, Apr 20: Why Our Lord Went Down to Limbo



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