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9 Ways to Interact with Teenagers

When your child becomes a teenager, there is a lot that is going to change.  You need to be ready to work towards developing empathy and helping your teen to make positive choices.  You also will want to change the expectations that you have for your child.  The following will guide you through making the changes that you need to make in order to best deal with teenagers. Continue reading 9 Ways to Interact with Teenagers

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Ultimate Guide to the Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics are here. We watched the opening ceremonies, and it is incredible to see how many athletes compete in these games. 92 different countries are competing. Some are represented by only one athlete, whereas the US has 244! That’s the largest group sent in Olympic history. Continue reading Ultimate Guide to the Winter Olympics

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10 Steps to Become an Effective Parent

Becoming an effective parent is not just important, but it is also hard work.  There are many reasons this is important for you and your children.

It is likely that you feel like you have no idea how to be an effective parent.  Also, it is likely that you have fallen into some negative parenting traps – like yelling at your kids (been there, done that).  Continue reading 10 Steps to Become an Effective Parent

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9 of the Many Jobs a Mom Must Do

I have been a mom for almost 16 years now. During this time, especially the early years, I have had to handle so many different things. A lot of people don’t realize the work that goes into staying home with your children. There are many jobs a mom must do throughout her day. She’s not just sitting around eating bonbons or watching soap operas.

It takes many different “hats” to handle motherhood. Nothing can prepare you for it. I often babysat when I was younger, but that was different than watching and taking care of my children. It has been interesting taking a trip down memory lane. Please forgive the quality of some of the pictures…these were taken a “few” years ago. Continue reading 9 of the Many Jobs a Mom Must Do

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Gifts of Gratitude

Thanksgiving is one week away. For us, it has been a month of reflection on gratitude. What are we thankful for? What has God done for us this year?

We are extremely blessed. Sure, we have our troubles like anyone, but we have a house over our heads, electricity, three wonderful boys, and so much more. Yes, there are health issues, but we also realize that God is in control. It is time to put faith in Him instead of trying to do it alone. Continue reading Gifts of Gratitude

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Electronics Gift Guide for 2017

The shopping season is here, and some of the best gifts that you can give are electronics. Most people love getting something in this category, and you can find such a wide range of items.

It is possible to find something for everyone on your shopping list all at the same time. Electronics are the category of gift that is popular, often because of the technological advances made every year. People want the latest and greatest gadget. While there are plenty of different things to choose from, we have put together this Electronics Gift Guide with a few options for you to consider. Continue reading Electronics Gift Guide for 2017

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Toy Gift Guide 2017

Every Christmas for many, many years, children have always asked for the same thing: toys. It’s a staple of Christmas day. The children wake up, rush out to see what’s under the tree, and open up their toys.

Whether the toys are made with new, top-of-the-line technology, or something simple and classic like a Frisbee, children will enjoy anything Santa brings to put under the tree. But you want to be armed with ideas for your gift giving purchases.

Continue reading Toy Gift Guide 2017