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Bluetooth Eye Mask Headset Review

Review of Products to Help You Sleep

Both light and noise can keep you awake. If you’re looking for a solution to help you sleep, there’s a sleep aid that’s perfect for people who need it to be dark in the room but who also need to block out the sounds that disrupt their sleep.

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That sleep aid is the Bluetooth Eye Mask headset. This headset can work with any phone that is Bluetooth capable. You would think that an eye mask that has adjustable speakers in it would be uncomfortable due to bulk, but this one isn’t at all.

The manufacturer somehow managed to create a product that packs in a lot of features but doesn’t shortchange on comfort. The material of the mask itself is ultra soft, and it’s made with memory foam.

So whatever your preferences are when you wear it, the mask will hold onto that and quickly readjust to your face when you put it back on. This combination eye mask and headset gives you the benefit of headphones without the bulk or tinny sound.

It offers a high-quality sound and cutting-edge technology so that you get to drift off in a world that’s soothing with the sounds that you like. You can kiss chronic sleep loss goodbye once you get this product.

Thanks to the dark material of the mask, there won’t be light filtering in to make you struggle to fall asleep. Because it’s dark, this automatically prods your body to switch to the production of more melatonin.

It’s lightweight and easily transportable, so you can use this as you travel as well as at home. The product has a long-lasting lithium-ion battery that you can charge via USB.

There is a red indicator light that will show when the eye mask is being charged. There is also an indicator for when the charge is completed. It’ll take it a couple of hours to fully charge when you get it, but once it’s completely charged, you can get over 8 hours of run time on that charge.

Even if the battery starts winding down while you’re sleeping, it won’t chirp or in any way alert you with a low battery signal.

The mask itself is made of velvet, which is soft against the skin and the back of it has an elastic Velcro band that’s adjustable according to the user’s head size.

The Bluetooth module comes out, and the purpose for that is so that when the mask needs to be washed, you can do so without ruining the technology.

The control functions are easy to use. You have a volume control button and a combination play/stop button.


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