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BedJet Climate Comfort Review

Review of Products to Help You Sleep

Not being comfortable is one of the reasons that many people have trouble falling asleep. Sometimes the discomfort is caused from being too hot while other times, it’s caused by being too cold.

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If only there was something that could give you a sleeping atmosphere right in the comfort of your own bed that you could use for both temperatures. There is, and it’s called the BedJet V2 Climate Comfort.

This wonderful sleep aid works to blow air beneath your sheets and you can choose between warm or cool air. The unit will keep both body heat and moisture away. Your body temperature will go through changes when you fall asleep, which is why sometimes you can feel too hot or too cold and it ends up waking you up.

With this sleep aid, you can set the machine to keep you at a specific customizable temperature. The unit is small and compact and can easily fit beneath your bed, though there are certain restrictions on how low the bed can be.

The machine works by taking in air from the room and blowing it beneath your top sheet. If you choose to set the unit for warmer temperatures, it will heat up the space quickly.

The device comes with mattress mount pieces that you can use to place the air hose and keep it there. The piece easily clamps onto the mattress and has sheet clamps to prevent your sheet from billowing out and flapping off of you.

These pieces can be placed anywhere on the mattress where you have room and the hose is not restricted. The hose itself can stretch a bit so you’ll be able to place the nozzle without it pulling on the machine base.

If you need a longer hose, those are available but are sold separately from the original unit. It does come with a wireless remote; however, you may choose to instead download the app that allows you to control the unit with your smartphone.

A great feature with the product is that you can use the app to create your own biorhythm sleep habits. Whatever temperature you set the machine for, it will remember those same temperatures and automatically use those until you change them.

You can choose from temperatures like desert breeze, night sweat dry, or gentle warmth. If you use the night sweat option, the machine adjusts to keep you dry.

There are two types of machines; a single temperature zone and a dual temperature zone. The single will work on any size bed and the dual works on a king size bed. One advantage of the dual is it allows two people to sleep comfortably even if they have different temperature preferences.

The dual temperature zone unit come with a king size AirComforter sheet. There is also an option to buy a queen-size comforter. This is an accessory to the unit (will not work without the dual temperature zone system).

Only want to use one zone? You could buy the single temperature zone unit and then buy either a queen-size or king-size sheet. Then hook the unit on the side you want.

Size options for BedJet Climate Comfort

Single Temperature Zone, any size mattress

Dual Temperature Zone King Size

Dual Zone Comforter – Queen Size

Dual Zone Comforter – King Size


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