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3 Top Homeschool Resources

I feel like I am so behind. Starting the Whole30 program has left me very tired. I’ve been wanting to start many posts about homeschool for a while now, but I’ve just been too tired. Sound familiar?

As homeschool moms (or dads), we have a tendency to spend all our energy on our children. I can relate. My boys are in 10th and 9th grade right now, so Crown Academy is officially a High School. It’s hard to believe. Just the other day they were babies!!

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Over the years, I have found a few resources that we like to use. I am sharing 3 of my top picks today.


We have been members of for over 5 years. I truly enjoy all of the different classes they offer, as well as the articles and planners for mom. They have their act together and are passionate about homeschool. Classes range from Kindergarten all the way through 12th Grade. Currently one of the classes we are taking is the Foundations for Teens.

From the website:

What’s the big deal about Jesus? Was He God or just a good guy? What makes His claims any different from those of countless other teachers? These are hard questions that deserve our attention and study. Through thirty-seven videos covering more than forty-nine hours, high school students will look at the claims of Christ and the impact that accepting or rejecting them has on their lives and the world.

That’s right! Video lessons. has a special agreement with RightNow Media for many of their classes. This is just one of many. And everything for one low price that includes the whole family. It’s a GREAT deal!!

2.  Techie Homeschool Mom

Beth at the Techie Homeschool Mom has taken the work out of planning for online studies. I have been impressed with the classes she has to offer. We are currently working on the Solar System Online Unit Study.

From one of the classes, giving a brief description of the Unit Studies:

Online Unit Studies are tech-based discovery learning experiences. I’ve done lots of research to find the best learning resources the web has to offer, and then laid it all out in an organized sequence of modules and lessons.

And guess what? You don’t need to download or print anything unless you really want to. No more piles of papers that you eventually “stash in the trash”? No more e-Books with broken links and outdated clipart. And no more piles of “additional resources” that you need to gather and put in the “schooltime basket”. The only tangible items you need for Online Unit Studies are supplies for hands-on projects, which we try to keep pretty common (no pig eyes needed). Everything is “right at your fingertips” – literally.

It’s as simple as just following along in the Unit, clicking on the link (which opens in a new tab so you don’t lose your place in the class), and reading or watching what is provided on the link. How easy is that?!! You can homeschool online. And guess what?! You can sign up for a free lesson from that class by clicking the link below.

Sign up for your free

3.  The HomeScholar

Lee Binz’s mission is to “help you homeschool high school. I don’t judge your homeschool or evaluate your children. Instead, I come alongside to help and encourage you.”

This is a newer site for me since we are just in our second year of high school. However, I have read articles and books from her for many years. She has a great way of encouraging, training, and supporting you. She offers many classes, including the High School Solution that gives instruction on every age and stage of homeschool, how to choose curriculum, how to teach tough classes, tools, templates, and planning calendars.

Other classes include, Total Transcript Solution, Comprehensive Record Solution, and personalized support through either the Silver Care Club or the Gold Care Club.

In the days and weeks to come, I plan on sharing tips I’ve used over the years. Stay tuned.



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  1. I really like how you point out specifics for each online resource. And not having to print out papers is such a great plus. We have so many papers at my house from my time teaching high school, my husband’s gaming, and my kids’ schooling that I feel overwhelmed.
    Thank you for your review.

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