#3: Clean Food Staples You Should Have Around At All Times

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Here’s the secret to sticking to a clean diet – make sure you always have something in the house that makes it easy to fix meals and snacks. It’s easy to get tempted by fast food, takeout, or even the convenience food section at the grocery store when you’re hungry with no easy to prepare food in the house. Here are some staples you should keep on hand for quick and easy clean meals.

Pantry Items or Dry Goods

 Having things like rice, oats, and cornmeal or grits on hand make it easy to whip up quick and filling side dishes and breakfasts. Keep your pantry stocked with potatoes, onions, and garlic and you can whip up some quick dishes with just a few things from the fridge.

We like to keep corn tortillas, tortilla chips, and popcorn on hand for quick snacks that aren’t bad for the boys. And speaking of snacks…nuts, seeds, and dried fruit are perfect for snacking and make great additions to oatmeal in the morning. Wrap it up with some seed or nut butter and you’re good to go.

If you’re including whole-grain products, keep whole-grain flour and pasta on hand in the pantry. You can bake up some quick bread; make homemade bread and other baked goods with the flour. And of course, pasta, sauce, and some vegetables always make for a quick weeknight dinner.

Eggs and Dairy

Always keep plenty of eggs in the fridge. Go ahead and boil a dozen or so and keep them on hand for easy snacking. Eggs are such a versatile ingredient and they can be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Depending on how much dairy you are including in your clean food diet, stock the fridge with butter, raw or whole milk, and some Greek yogurt and cottage cheese. We also like to keep a few kinds of hard cheeses for quick and easy snacking.

Fruits and Vegetables

Let’s get down to the stuff that makes up the bulk of our diet – fruits and vegetables. Aside from things like carrots and potatoes, there aren’t a lot of shelf-stable vegetables out there. Stock up on plenty of frozen and canned vegetables to use whenever you run out of the fresh stuff.


Another great thing to keep on the counter is a growing salad bowl. Loose leaf lettuce is pretty quick and easy to grow. Give it a try for fresh, organic produce from your window sill.

When it comes to fruit, apples are your best bet for shelf stable food. We also like to keep a variety of frozen berries in the freezer for quick smoothies.

Meat and Fish

Let’s wrap this up with a few things from the meat and fish department. Canned tuna is a good option to have on occasion. You can make tuna salad, or add it to pasta sauces or even as a pizza topping. It’s a good ingredient to have on hand.

When it comes to meat, you won’t find my freezer without some grass-fed ground beef, ground turkey, and a few bags of chicken breast. These are all versatile options when I’m out of fresh meat or can’t find anything decent at the grocery store.