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2019 Home Theater Gift Guide

There are many homeowners who are either building home theaters in their house or turning existing rooms into dedicated theaters for their family and friends to enjoy. Everyone loves entertainment and with quality devices and accessories, the experience can exceed expectations.

If you know someone who is pursuing this, you can find a number of products that make a perfect gift for them in their quest to take home entertainment up a notch. There’s something for every budget, too!

*Note: this post contains affiliate links.

Wireless Audio

Your gift recipient needs a good sound in their home theater, which is why the Tribit XSound Go is the perfect choice. Though the speaker itself is compact, the sound that it delivers is anything but small.

The wireless audio system can bring rich sound with its crystal clear sound. It has top of the line 6W power drivers that can handle a high volume without warping the sound. The user can play music all day long thanks to the lithium battery that’s capable of lasting for a day at a time.

Since it’s wireless, it can go with them outside of the home theater, like the kitchen bedroom, garage, on the go, wherever they want to hear their favorite songs. It’s a tough audio machine built to last, even if dropped, and it’s also waterproof.

The device uses a wireless connection with Bluetooth and the long range of 66 feet is what helps make this machine one that you’ll also want to get for yourself. If they want to use the speaker with their TV, they can just add a cable and play their music there or on other devices.

Another good choice in the home theater speaker department is the JBL Charge 3. This speaker is also waterproof. It uses a lithium battery and delivers almost a full day of play.

They’ll get about 20 hours before they need to charge it. The speaker has a good volume and clarity of sound. You can even use it to take calls from your phone because the machine can work with smartphones or a device like a tablet.

It also has a speakerphone, which won’t give you that annoying echo when you use it to answer your calls. Speakers for a home theater are important, but getting versatile ones are even better.

Home Theater Systems

A home theater system makes a great gift because it’s one that’ll please everyone. If you have gifts to buy for your sibling and his or her spouse, this will fit the bill.

The Rockville Home Theater System is one that brings the quality whatever the entertainment choice is.

It brings surround sound with 1000 watts and high RMS. The front and rear speakers along with the center and subwoofer can play it loud or soft and the speakers can operate with independent volume control.

You can hook up your devices and listen to music, catch a favorite movie or even hear songs straight from the radio. The system doesn’t distort, comes with two MIC inputs along with 5 audio outputs and 5 DVD audio inputs.

Or, you can get the Yamaha Home Theater. This one allows wireless streaming for music, has 4K video and auto adjusts so that they get the best possible sound. It does have a 5.1 channel speaker setup along with a subwoofer.

The setup offers better bass and balance and powerful front speakers. It’s a compact package, but it has the same great sound as larger systems thanks to the four surround sound speakers that you can place theater style. Because it’s a complete system setup, you get everything you need, including the microphone and remote.

Premium Audio

An amplifier receiver is a must have to build the best possible home theater and the Bluetooth 2 Channel Amplifier Receiver is one that gives a top performance all the way around.

Your gift recipient will get 100 watts per channel along with high-rated sound. The system has analog volume control along with bass and treble as well. It can be connected to other devices such as a television, iPhone or music player like an iPod.

This is an integrated amplifier that works with Bluetooth. It lets users control and enhance their listening experience with HiFi sound, so they get better sound just the way they want it.

The design is compact and sturdy and the product offers a decent 33 feet listening range. It has 24V power and can handle 280 to 320 watt speakers.

Everyone knows that a home theater is only as good as its audio, and that’s why getting a great speaker system makes one of the best gifts you can give.

The Onkyo Speaker System is a 7.1 set. It has the tallboy speakers along with center and front speakers with surround speakers. The grills on these can be taken off with exception of the subwoofer.

All in all, they get 130 watts with the speakers and the subwoofer delivers 230 watts. Users can enjoy both high and mid-range frequencies. Giving premium speakers as a gift takes their entertainment to a whole new level of satisfaction.

Stereo Components

Something that’s making a huge comeback in the last few years and is still holding strong this year are turntables. A lot of people want to go old school and the Audio-Technica Stereo Turntable is a must-have to match old school with modern technology.

This stereo uses Bluetooth to enable it to connect with Bluetooth enabled devices, so users can still have the vinyl sound they want to hear, only without the inconvenience of wires.

This feature gives multiple listening opportunities because you place it in a room, but hear the songs in a different room. The turntable is belt-drive and brings clear audio thanks to the Bluetooth ability.

But it can be wired into a system. Users can play either 33 1/3 albums or the 45 RPM. The control buttons are located on the front for easy access. It has a phone cartridge and the stylus is replaceable.

The device has a dust cover and an output cable if they want to wire it.

A seamless streaming device can help users connect multiple devices for easy transmitting. The TaoTronics Bluetooth is both transmitter and receiver.

Users can stream sound from their television, speakers or even from a music device like an iPod. They can enjoy TV shows, and games in seamless viewing. It’s always on, so it keeps on streaming what users enjoy even when it’s in charge mode and it can play for as long as 10 hours without charging.

It has the ability to link simultaneously to other devices and can also be used with headphones. The device easily toggles between transmitting and receiving mode. This will make the perfect gift for someone who appreciates old school and modern technology alike.


The right pair of headphones makes a nice gift because they not only enhance the listening experience, but they can offer a respite from all the disruptive noise.

COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones can reduce sound no matter what the user is doing.

If there’s noise in other areas of the house, or outside (such as traffic), these headphones can block them and let the user listen to only what they want to hear, like their favorite movie.

They provide quality sound with the 40mm drivers which bring out the best in bass. This pair comes with a microphone so the user can make hands-free calls and by not being held in place by a set of wires, they can experience more freedom.

They’re durable, but lightweight, and are known for their comfortable fit. The earpad has 90-degree swiveling cups, which are gentler on the ear. A single charge can last up to 30 hours and the headphones have a built-in 600mAh battery.

With this as a gift, the receiver can lose the noise but not the clear audio.

Another pair of headphones that’s a top choice for a home theater are the Boltune Bluetooth 5.0 set. These noise-canceling headphones can shut out disruptive sound in a second.

Users can enjoy whatever it is they want to hear in peace rather than listening to the disruptions around them. This set can hold an all-day charge, too, and it doesn’t even take a full 60 minutes to get them charged and ready.

These are Bluetooth-enabled, which means they can handle the bass and have a range of 66 feet. The earpads are ergonomic and can revolve, plus the set has a curved design, which makes it stay comfortable no matter how long you wear them.


Portable sound that not only works in the home theater, but elsewhere is on the wish list for many people this year and there’s a good reason.

The speakers that provide this can take entertainment anywhere, like the Bose SoundLink, for example.

This great gift idea can go from home to the pool to the park without missing a beat. It’s water resistant so if it gets wet, it won’t matter. The speaker can go for 8 hours at time thanks to the lithium ion battery and though it looks small, it makes itself heard.

It has an app menu for easy entertainment choices, so users can go from one device to the next with ease. It has Bluetooth wireless as well as voice prompts. The speaker comes with a built-in mic, too – so users can reach their favorite AI assistant.

And as a little something extra fun, this speaker comes in aquatic blue or coral red.

For the person who prefers a standing tower speaker for their home theater experience, you’ll want to consider the Polk Standing Tower Speaker.

Users get the surround sound experience delivered by the bass radiators, top of the line tweeter and the 6.5 inches drivers. The speaker delivers mesmerizing audio, video game, television or movie listening that’s powerful no matter where it’s set up.

It’ll do the job and then some on its own, but it does have the ability to connect with other receivers or stereos if the person you’re gifting it to wants to build a bigger home stereo system.

TVs and Video Projectors

TVs and video projects are smart gift ideas because they can be used for many different reasons. From learning to entertaining, there’s always something for everyone.

The Samsung 4K UHD Smart TV is the one that bring entertainment choices in the kind of detail that’s breathtaking.

The clarity is unparalleled and because of the way the TV is designed, the smart guide can help users locate their favorite show, movie, or apps quickly. They’ll be able to stream content in their home theater using the remote, or, because the TV works with Alexa, they can use voice command.

The dashboard lets users be in control of their devices all from one central location. Because it’s a 4K, the hues are brighter, which makes everything seem more lifelike. Even if the user is watching something that’s not a native 4K source, the TV will automatically upscale whatever is being watched.

Besides TVs, video projects are high on the list of great gifts. One of these is the Nebula Portable Projector. This entertainment device can turn the living room into a theater room.

It has great clarity with 300 ANSI brightness coupled with the IntelliBright technology. It has single second autofocus. That means that the entertainment choice is presented in the same high quality that you’d get when going to the movie theater.

The sound doesn’t hold anything back and brings it in using the 10W drivers. Users can watch shows from their favorite streaming service as well as from Android content. It also has a Bluetooth mode and if users put it in the battery mode, they can watch 4 hours of movie entertainment.


The entertainment doesn’t matter if the seats aren’t comfortable, and you can find comfortable seats that make great gifts, like the FDW Wingback Recliner. This seat is a club chair that’s heavy duty, but blends its durability with ergonomics, which translates into long-lasting comfort.

The seat is a push back that levels out at the perfect angle for the back. The recliner offers wide armrests for easy resting and the thick padding makes it a great place to sit and watch entertainment for hours.

It has a high back, which means better support. The upholstery is waterproof and wipes clean.

There’s always someone who wants or needs more room than a standard seat can give.

That’s why the Seatcraft Pantheon Big & Tall seating is the perfect selection. Besides having plenty of room, it’s loaded with extra features. It’s a leather seat, so it’s very luxurious.

The chair has automatic headrests that allow users to adjust their position with ease and on top of that, it also has lumbar support that users can adjust to fit their needs.

The chair can be reclined with the push of a button and if you need to charge one of your devices, you won’t even have to leave the chair thanks to the USB port on the control panel.

It comes with a storage area as well as lighted cupholders. The tray that’s included can be taken off. Home theater seats can be bought in rows of 2-3 seats each, or individually, depending on how the homeowner wants to design it.

Concession for Snacks

No home theater is complete without concessions, and that’s why this makes a great and unique gift idea.

The Great Northern Popcorn Antique Popcorn Machine not only makes delicious popcorn, but it’s a work of art because it has that throw-back style from yesteryear.

This machine comes with tempered glass and has a 3 position switch. There’s also a warmer light, so the popcorn stays ready to eat. It comes with a reject tray as well as scoops for both the oil and popcorn.

It can be used to make up to 3 gallons of popcorn at a time, which is perfect for a family night or a viewing party. The components used with the popcorn making are stainless steel, so they’re easy to wipe clean.

The kettle cooks at 860 watts. There is a storage compartment beneath the machine. Included in with it are serving cups, measuring cups and bags to serve the popcorn.

A gift idea for someone who might prefer a simpler popcorn machine is the West Bend Electric Popper.

This one can make as much as 6 quarts at once so that’s the perfect size for family time. It uses a butter cap which can melt the butter while the popcorn makes. Then, once the popcorn is done, the cover of the machine can be inverted and used to serve the treat.

The gadget has a stir rod so that means better popping and less unpopped kernels. The handles repel heat so that’s a nice safety feature. Cleanup is easy, once users are done, they can just put the heating plate in the dishwasher.


Home theater décor can add just the right touch to home entertainment.

The YOENYY Movie Theater Throw Pillow covers are great gift for any movie lover. These are just the covers, so you’ll have to get the 18” by 18” inserts separately.

They’re made of cotton and linen and have a hidden zipper. The covers come as a set of 4 and each of the patterns are each different. But each of the covers all tie together using cinema themes.

Wall art using a movie theme is always a good idea as a gift for a home theater, and movie reels like the metal movie reel make a beautiful addition. The decorative piece is made of bronze and features the metal film strip running through it.

Each of the reels vary in size, but the total length of the art piece is 18.5 inches across and 33.5 inches wide. It uses easy to hang keyhole mounts for placing it on the wall.

If you’re looking for something smaller as a décor gift, then you’ll want to consider the Home Cinema Metal Sign, which is designed to look like a movie ticket.

It’s 6 x 16 inches, is made of 24 gauge steel and can hang by the corner holes in either a horizontal or vertical display. Decorative gifts are perfect for those on a budget, but just make sure that you understand the design wishes of whoever you’re buying it for.

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