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2019 Gamer Gift Guide

If you need to buy a gift for someone who’s into gaming, there are a lot of categories to choose from that fit any price range. From full consoles to accessories that enhance or make a gaming experience more enjoyable, there’s something for everyone on your gift list.

*Note: this post contains affiliate links.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is the latest advance in gaming and because of that, the electronics used in gameplay are always most-wished-for items recently.

The 3D VR glasses, like the ones by Optoslon, are affordable but don’t skimp on quality.

The lens on the glasses have focus settings that can be adjusted, so users get clear images each time they play. The 3D viewing rates right up there with some of the more expensive sets.

These glasses are compatible with smartphones: both iPhone and Android. In addition to playing VR games, users can also use the set to view movies as long as they have the app.

They’re lightweight at only 0.64 ounces and can be used by gamers who wear glasses.

There’s also the BNEXT VR headset that’s for kids or adults. One of the bestselling features with this set is that you can use it with or without glasses, thanks to the FD and OD adjustments.

The product lets users place a smartphone right on the set and then play their games in 3D. Users will feel like they’re actually in the middle of all the action because of the immersive setup.

This particular product is compatible with both Android and iPhones. The foam of the glasses is made of breathable material and they come with a head strap that has a customizable strap.


Any gamer would love to get an Xbox system, especially if that system was a bundle. The Xbox One S has a bundle deal that includes the console as well as two of the wireless controllers.

The system plays both games and videos with clear cut visuals. Because it’s a 1TB, users get a lot more speed in their entertainment choices. The console can play Blu-ray through the player that’s built-in and users can also enjoy the rich experience of 4K when watching a movie or videos.

The console can connect to apps like Spotify or ESPN. There are more than 100 entertainment options that are only available through the console and users have access to hundreds of Xbox games.

You will have to buy any games separately since one isn’t included with the bundle.
If you do want to get a special edition bundle, then you can select the Xbox One S Fortnite Special Edition one.

This console stands out right from the beginning because of the gradient purple color. It also carries that same purple in the controller. With the gift, users get a free download of the Fortnight game which can be played in 100 player mode so that gamers battle to be the winner.

The PVP combat is what makes the game so popular. Users also have the option to use the console to view streaming content on Amazon or YouTube or watch a movie or show on Netflix.

The console also gives the option to see 4K Blu ray movies. This gift lets the recipient have access to thousands of games as well as exclusive content. Plus, the old favorites from Xbox 360 and the original are also available for users to play. It does have a parental setting so that time and content can be limited.

PC Gaming

For those who enjoy PC gaming, there are a few must-haves. The first is a good gaming PC. Not all personal computers are the same when it comes to being able to handle video games.

One that’s a favorite is the Pro Gaming PC from iBuyPower. It’s a desktop Intel i7-9700k 8-core PC with 3.6 GHz, 16 GB DDR4, and 1 TB HDD. It has a liquid cooling feature, is ready for WiFi, and has Windows 10 installed on it.

This particular PC is capable of handling virtual reality games. It comes with a free gaming keyboard and a gamer mouse, so you won’t have to buy those separately if you’re giving it as a gift.

Another thing you’ll want for a PC gamer gift is a good monitor. The ASUS Gaming Monitor is a good choice, and it’s specifically designed to protect a gamer’s eyes while delivering smooth game play as a visual perk.


Games on the go are what every gamer fan wants to have this year. You can find portable, great budget items for the perfect gift, like the Nintendo 2DS system. This is a two-system handheld deal that includes the DS as well as the 3DS version so users have access to those games.

Users will also have the ability to share games with friends through the system. Wireless hotspots are a feature and offer some exclusive options. The screens are the original game size and it comes with a stylus.

There is a game included, but users can also download games. On-the-go gaming means that those who play portable games will need a solid carrying case.

For those who have the Nintendo Switch, the iVoler Portable Travel All is a must for protecting the system.

It’s a large capacity and has safe storage compartments for accessories like the Joy-Cons, the Switch Dock, the charger and adapter. The inside lining of the case has grooved areas that keep each piece where it’s stored so that means that the items don’t end up knocking together and getting scratched. The case has an EVA shell, which means even if it’s dropped or bumped, it’ll still keep your system safe.


One of the hottest items this year is the Nintendo systems, especially the Switch. It’s a great gift idea for kids, teens and adults alike. The Nintendo Switch Super Smash Bros is the edition that’s number one on many wish-lists.

The bundle brings players all the fun from the original game as well as access to the Ultimate game. This one features a mix of old and new with the introduction of new characters like Simon Belmont.

The game is faster and the combat more challenging than before. The system offers players a new option to pick a Stage Morph, which can change the stage right in the middle of the fight.

There are new defensive tools as well for more playing options. Users can play a 1 on 1 battle or engage with 8 players at once. They have the ability to play in TV mode, handheld or with GameCube.

One game you don’t want to miss giving since it’s so popular is The Legend of Zelda.

This is the Breath of the Wild edition. This world of adventure allows players to maneuver through fields and forests and across mountains. The players get to uncover new things as they take their journey.

They’ll have to learn to survive, gather weapons, make their food and solve the puzzles in order to succeed. Users will enjoy the shrines that hold challenges that will take the character’s best effort to overcome.

Gaming Mouse and Keyboards

With the right gift, a gamer can bump his play up to the next level. One of these gifts is the Razer DeathAdder Elite Gaming Mouse. This mouse has incredible sensitivity and can respond to the slightest touch, thanks to the high precision sensor.

The ergonomic mouse is one of the most durable on the market with the ability to handle as much as 50 million clicks. The scroll wheel is ridged, which makes it easy for the mouse to pinpoint the move users make.

It has bumps on the grip that gives players the best in control when playing. There are 7 buttons that are programmable, with each giving users the edge they need to win.

Another durable mouse is from PICTEK and it’s a wired gaming mouse.

The mouse has the ability to match speed on different games and with the Chroma RGG lighting, you get to choose from millions of different colors for a unique look all with the touch of a switch.

You can leave off the backlight if you want, though. The mouse is ergonomic and has a claw-grip design, which means that gamers can use it for hours without their hand growing weary.

It also has better grip ability because it’s both anti-fingerprint and anti-sweat.

A good mechanical gaming keyboard is necessary in the world of gaming and the Logitech Mechanical one is what players want because of its reputation as the fastest RGB in the world.

It has Romer-G switches that have built up that reputation because it gives users as much as 25 percent faster movement. It has a control app along with a phone dock making it easy for players to check their stats on their phone while in-play.

There are 9 programmable keys so users can set their own commands with the touch of a button. It has dedicated media controls that are used to pause, play, mute and more. The keyboard also has personalized lighting and users can choose from millions of different colors.

Another keyboard to consider is the Redragon Mechanical Gaming Keyboard. The reasons that a regular keyboard just won’t suffice for PC gaming is found in all the features offered up by the Redragon.

First, there’s the comfort. Whether users are involved in short or all-day games, this is a necessity. Comfortable gaming keyboards help keep your hands and fingers from growing tired quickly.

Next, there’s the control that you get with this keyboard. Because it has custom switches, it means that the response time is faster. So users can get their character around obstacles, fight better or run farther with the keyboard and in a quicker time frame.

These keys are mechanical, which means that they make a slight clicking sound, but they offer the best in gameplay. The board has 87 keys and12 multimedia ones. It has LED lighting that can be changed so your gift recipient’s backlighting can be customized.


PlayStation is the name in fun gifts when it comes to gaming consoles. The PlayStation 4 is now thinner and lighter, but not when it comes to entertainment value. The 1TB hard drive holds it all: games, videos, apps, and more.

The system delivers the best in what users what to see. This includes TV and music in addition to favorite old and new games. The gaming system has a search button that takes players to the entertainment through PlayStation Vue.

This console offers HDR gaming that makes the worlds and characters in the game come to life with an infusion of color and view. Users can connect with others for multiplayer games and there are plenty of free games to play, too.

The system has a faster network connection with better performance. The controller that’s included is a current generation.

The PlayStation 4 Pro is another console that you’ll want to consider.

This one is one of their advanced consoles and has everything gamers love about PS4, but with more power. So users get better play performance, better graphics, details and more.

It has an HDR signal which allows it to meld with the 4K televisions. This boosts the frames per second (FPS) from the games, which allows for both clearer motion as well as image.

It also offers the ability to stream entertainment such as movies, shows, and more.

If you do buy a PlayStation 4 or the Pro version and are looking for a game to go with it, there’s one releasing later that’s already on the bestseller list: the FIFA 2020 Standard Edition.

This game lets gamers build their own football (soccer) game squad in different environments like streets, rooftops, fields, etc. Users can customize their characters from head to toe in both appearance and dress. Players can take part in single-player matches as well as play in the Volta League and can build their skills in the AI Defending mode.


For gamers to truly immerse themselves in the action and experience of the game, they need a pair of headsets. The HyperX CloudX is loaded with the features that can make the difference between good play and great play.

These have a jack that lets users connect straight to the controller. They’re built with HyperX comfort with the padded headband for longer play. The memory foam earpads are created with comfort in mind.

It has a long-lasting aluminum frame along with a noise-canceling microphone that’s easy to arrange and can be removed. The audio control is located in-line for easier reach and adjustment.

Another set that can deliver quality audio is the SteelSeries Arctis 7. These are made for the gaming life with the strong 2.4G connection. Users get high-quality, lag-free surround-sound play with noise cancellation.

The drivers give players an incredibly low distortion, so the game sounds come across exactly as they’re meant to be heard. The set’s ear cushions are designed with AirWeave, which means the user’s ears won’t end up hot and sweaty regardless of the length of playtime.

It has a rechargeable ion battery that can support an entire day of gaming. Users can customize the headphones with various features and apps. It also has auto speaker switching as well as ChatMix dial. The controls are on the ear so users can quickly reach the volume or mic.

Twitch Gifts

If you want to give a gamer a fun gift that he or she will use all year long, think Twitch. This streaming service is packed with video games for everyone from beginning to advanced gamers.

It’s a popular service, which is why the merchandise is a favorite among gamers.

One gift for gamers of all ages is the Twitch Glitch Pillow Plush. It’s perfect for adding a bright spot to bedroom décor, especially those with a gaming theme, for the game room, a huggable addition while playing or as something to prop a handheld system on.

The color of the pillow is light purple and it has the Twitch applique in the middle. It’s made of 100% polyester and can be wiped clean. Also in the Twitch line is their apparel. You can get hats, hoodies and more.

One of the popular clothing pieces is the Colorblock Crewneck Sweatshirt. It’s soft and comfortable, making it a perfect choice for extended gameplay. It can easily fit men or women.

The shirt is mixed material, with half of it made from polyester, the other half a blend of cotton and rayon. It has the raglan sleeves and the word Twitch on the front of the shirt. It can be machine washed but don’t iron the word Twitch.

There’s also a thermal version with the Men’s Henley. This one is purple and has the smaller Twitch logo on the upper left side of the shirt. It can be machine washed, but shouldn’t be ironed. This shirt is a 50/50 blend of both cotton and polyester. Though it’s labeled as a man’s shirt, it’s a great shirt for women to wear if they want to snuggle into warmth.

Retro Gaming

Looking back at the games from years ago is a big deal in the gaming world. Players love those iconic games.

The SEGA Genesis console returns those gamers to the old days with this system.

This is a mini-console that’s plug-and-play. It comes with 40 of the games that were favorites from past generations. These games are divided into 4 Waves. Included in the first one are Sonic the Hedgehog, Ecco the Dolphin, Comix Zone, and more.

Wave 2 brings Thunder Force III, Streets of Rage 2, and more. In the third Wave, users get Street Fighter 2, Beyond Oasis, Phantasy Star IV, and more. Wave 4 brings Light Crusader, Monster World IV, Road Rash II, and others.

There are also two bonus games, including the ever-popular Tetris. The set comes with 2 wired remotes, the cable, and USB adapter.

From the past, Xbox has the Simpsons: Hit and Run game.

This game is packed with fun and mystery as users go along with Homer to figure out what’s been going on in Springfield. The game gives an interactive view of the fictional town.

Players can discover the power-ups that let them experience the Simpson way of life. The movements and events in the game present gags like what was shared on the show. The game also has a multiplayer mode.

Regardless of which gaming gift you give someone, chances are, it will bring a smile to their face because it means hours of upcoming entertainment and an escape from the stress of their daily lives.

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