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Anxiety and Addictions

Anxiety Disorders and related conditions arise from problems in how people see the world and in how their minds and bodies communicate. As a result, few problems related to chronic feelings of anxiety or anxiety attacks can be resolved by diet and lifestyle changes.

However, there are some substances that can worsen symptoms of anxiety disorders and related conditions, or even mimic their symptoms. Removing these substances from your diet might help to ease symptoms. If you are suffering from anxiety disorders or related conditions, you should work with your healthcare provider to be sure that you are adequately managing your condition.

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Getting to the Cause of Your Anxiety

It’s early. You slept in because you struggled to get to sleep last night. You rush around trying to get yourself (and children) ready for the day ahead. Maybe you feel as though there’s something stuck in your chest like you didn’t swallow properly, but you haven’t actually eaten anything because who has the time, right?

You’re finding it difficult to breathe and you’re wondering if you have asthma. Then a wave of nausea crashes over you and heat rushes from your head to your toes. You are now convinced that you’re having a heart attack.

For some people, this feeling passes and they laugh off the fact that they thought it was serious. Others will go straight to the ER believing they are about to die. The situation is serious either way. This is anxiety.

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What is Anxiety?

When most people say that they have anxiety, they are usually describing a condition they have been diagnosed with.

The truth is that anxiety isn’t a condition, it is a feeling. It can be symptomatic of a number of different conditions including but not limited to a group of disorders called anxiety disorders. On the other hand, it’s a natural emotion that is normal and healthy to feel from time to time.

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Daily Lent Meditations for 2019

Meditations for Lent

from St. Thomas Aquinas.
Translated by Father Philip Hughes, 1937.



Tuesday, Mar 5: Our Lord is Scourged

Ash Wednesday, Mar 6: Death

Thursday, Mar 7: Fasting

Friday, Mar 8: The Crown of Thorns

Saturday, Mar 9: The Grain of Wheat

Sunday, Mar 10: It Was Fitting That Christ Should Be Tempted

Monday, Mar 11: Christ Had to be Tempted in the Desert

Tuesday, Mar 12: Christ Underwent Every Kind of Suffering

Wednesday, Mar 13: How Great Was the Sorrow of Our Lord in His Passion?

Thursday, Mar 14: It Was Fitting That Christ Should Be Crucified With the Thieves

Friday, Mar 15: The Feast of the Holy Lance and the Nails of Our Lord

Saturday, Mar 16: The Love if God Shown in the Passion of Christ

Sunday, Mar 17: God the Father Delivered Christ to His Passion

Monday, Mar 18:  It Was Fitting That Our Lord Should Suffer at the Hands of the Gentiles

Tuesday, Mar 19:  The Passion of Christ Brought About Our Salvation Because it Was a Meritorious Act

Wednesday, Mar 20:  The Passion of Christ Brought About Our Salvation Because it Was an Act of Satisfaction

Thursday, Mar 21:  That the Passion of Christ Brought About Its Effect Because it Was a Sacrifice

Friday, Mar 22:  Feast of the Holy Winding Sheet

Saturday, Mar 23:  The Passion of Christ Wrought Our Salvation by Redeeming Us

Sunday, Mar 24:  It is the Passion of Christ That Has Freed Us From Sin

Monday, Mar 25:  The Passion of Christ Has Delivered Us From the Devil

Tuesday, Mar 26:  Christ is Truly Our Redeemer

Wednesday, Mar 27:  The Price of Our Redemption

Thursday, Mar 28:  The Preaching of the Samaritan Woman

Friday, Mar 29:  It is By the Passion of Christ That We Have Been Freed From the Punishment Due to Sin

Saturday, Mar 30:  The Passion of Christ Reconciles Us to God

Sunday, Mar 31: Christ by His Passion Opened to Us the Gates of Heaven

Monday, Apr 1: Christ by His Passion Merited to be Exalted

Tuesday, Apr 2: The Example of Christ Crucified

Wednesday, Apr 3: The Divine Friend

Thursday, Apr 4: The Death of Lazarus

Friday, Apr 5: The Precious Blood

Saturday, Apr 6: There Was Not Any More Fitting Way to Free the Human Race Than Through the Passion of Christ

Sunday, Apr 7: The Passion of Christ

Monday, Apr 8: The Passion of Christ is a Remedy Against Sin

Tuesday, Apr 9: The Burial of Christ

Wednesday, Apr 10: On Being Buried Spiritually

Thursday, Apr 11:  Which is the Greatest Sign of His Love Our Lord Has Given Us?

Friday, Apr 12: Our Lady’s Suffering in the Passion

Saturday, Apr 13: How We, Each of Us, Should Wash One Another’s Feet

Sunday, Apr 14: Christ’s Passion Serves Us as an Example

Monday, Apr 15: It is Necessary that We Be Wholly Clean

Tuesday, Apr 16: Christ Preparing to Wash the Apostle’s Feet

Wednesday, Apr 17: Three Things are Symbolised by the Washing of the Feet

Thursday, Apr 18: The Last Supper

Friday, Apr 19: The Death of Christ

Saturday, Apr 20: Why Our Lord Went Down to Limbo