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Hottest Toys of 2021

Hottest Toys of 2021 feature image

Are you looking for the hottest toys of 2021? From old classics like Legos and Barbie to new favorites like Bluey, we have reviewed 14 different toys for you.

Note: this post contains affiliate links. This means that I may receive a small commission if you choose to buy from one of my links without any extra cost to you. Thank you for your support.

LEGO Classic Around The World 11015 Building Kit

One toy has stood the test of time when it comes to engaging children’s imagination – LEGO sets. The bricks in the sets help children to develop their fine motor skills.

Playing with these toys, kids also learn about working together with others when they have friends or family members who pitch in and give a hand at putting together one of the creations.

The toys also help kids to be patient and resilient when it comes to figuring out how to put the pieces together. As they build their LEGO sets, kids aren’t just putting little bricks together. They’re creating entire worlds and going on adventures. They’re traveling to new lands for adventure or building communities. When they complete their set, they gain confidence as a by-product that they could finish the task and solve the puzzle of how everything was supposed to fit together.

This holiday season, you can add to your child’s world of imagination by giving the gift of the LEGO Classic Around The World set. In this kit, you’ll be able to let your child have fun while learning about the many animals and things that can be found around the world.

Kids will be able to use the set to put together a bald eagle. Or they can build a colorful palm tree. They’ll also be able to make a kangaroo along with the little joey. For an animal that’s a little more ferocious, they can build the brown bear in the set.

There’s a cactus they can create, or they can build the red bus. There are other pieces of transportation to build, too, like a boat or an airplane.

If your child likes things that swim in the water, he can build the crocodile or the orca. But if he prefers things that fly, he can put together the parrot. For kids that like lions, there’s one of those to build, too. Kids who love to put buildings and houses together will be thrilled that this set includes an Asian-style home.

In total, there are fifteen ideas that kids can build with this kit, and they can have hours of fun doing it. Along with the extra bricks, they can build all kinds of things. The set comes with a colorful continent map so that as kids build the creations, they get to locate the place in the world where the animals or plants are naturally found.

You can unleash your child’s creativity with this gift. It comes with 950 pieces, and this set can be used in combination with other LEGO sets, too. The set comes with a building guide and can be used by children four years old and above.

LEGO Disney Ariel’s Celebration Boat

Combining LEGO with Disney is a winning pairing because kids love both. Add in the fact that there’s a Disney princess involved, and your child or grandchild is going to be thrilled to open this set as a Christmas gift.

LEGO sets are a great gift idea, too, because they help teach kids problem solving. They also help boost hand and eye coordination. It also helps kids master the art of constructing things. When you make learning fun, kids are eager to keep learning.

The Disney Ariel’s Celebration Boat set comes with 114 pieces in pretty colors, which is the perfect amount for young kids to be able to put together. Depending on the age, they made need the help of an adult. In this set, you’ll be able to put together the rest of the boat. It comes with part of it already put together.

The pieces are easy to snap together with little hands, and they’re designed to be simpler so that kids can complete them quickly. For example, the boat has a design that goes on the side of it that snaps right on. The crown on the boat snaps onto the front while the boat wheel attaches to the center. It features the colors pink and gold, which are suitable for royalty.

The boat is a little bit bigger than five inches. Prince Eric or Ariel can fit onto the boat and sail the ocean. If you’re wondering whether or not the boat can float once it’s put together, the answer is yes. So kids get the added fun of being able to use the boat in water. Both the Prince Eric and the Ariel figures are dressed like in the Disney movie. The set also includes Ariel’s friends Sebastian and Flounder and Prince Eric’s dog.

The set comes with a pier and arch. Plus, there’s a dance floor that actually revolves. Kids will love using their imagination to pretend that the prince and Ariel are getting married and dancing at their wedding.

There’s also an underwater music stage with a keyboard, and it turns. Kids can reenact their favorite scenes from the movie using this set. There are plenty of accessories that will fuel your child’s adventures.

This set includes a treasure chest as well as a saxophone. Plus, there’s the trident, a bone, a ring, and more. This set is compatible with other LEGO sets, so it can be expanded. It’s suitable as a gift for kids who are at least four years old. There are digital instructions available if there’s help needed with the building process.

TEMI Dinosaur Toy Figure and Activity Play Mat

There’s a good reason that Jurassic Park was such a huge hit. Many children love dinosaurs, and you can find a lot of great toy choices this year for the kids who love the prehistoric creatures and the world they lived in.

If your child is a dinosaur lover, the TEMI Dinosaur Toy Figure and Activity Play Mat makes a great gift idea. With this toy, he can have hours of fun imagining himself in the world of dinosaurs. He can travel across the theme park among the lush greenery with his favorite dinosaur.

What makes this mat different is that this one comes with a lot of vivid color and attention to detail. You’ll find things on the mat, such as the sign marking the place as the dinosaur park. Also included is a ticket booth at the front and things like a carousel and tents. There’s plenty of greenery along with amusement rides and a water fountain.

The mat is big enough to accommodate up to four small children easily. It’s a thick mat, too, so it’s comfortable to sit on for hours of imaginative play. Plus, it’s soft as well as safe because it’s made of non-hazardous materials. The playmat comes with a total of nine colorful handmade dinosaurs for the world.

Kids will love the detail given to the Tyrannosaurus Rex, and they’ll love the ferociousness of the Velociraptor. They’ll have fun getting to imagine the tall Brachiosaurus eating from the tops of the play trees. Playing with the Stegosaurus will allow kids to visualize a world when this plant-eating dinosaur roamed the land. Each of these dinosaurs, as well as the rest of the other figures, are made of PVC that’s not toxic.

The set also comes with bright green trees to help build a colorful world. These trees can be placed separately throughout the mat to create a 3-D world where the plant eaters can come to when they’re seeking food.

Kids can go on adventure after adventure with the dinosaurs. They can have dinosaur battles or make the creatures roam from one end of their world to the other. Kids can play on the land that’s teeming with dinosaurs.

There’s no limit to the ways they can explore the world. The set is durable enough for it to be used for inside or for outside play. The set also comes with a storage case to help keep the mat and dinosaurs neat when it’s not in play.

Star Wars The Child Animatronic Edition

Star Wars is always a big hit with kids because they capture the imagination. This is one of the reasons that toys from the universe sell so well. One of the must-have items on kids’ wish lists this holiday season is the Star Wars The Child Animatronic Edition.

People sometimes refer to it as Baby Yoda, but it is officially known as The Child and it’s sure to be a sell out, so you’ll want to get yours fast. The toy has all sorts of cute ways to interact with kids. This interaction is initiated by touch. If you touch the top of the figure’s head, it comes to life.

The first thing that you’ll notice is that it starts making sounds. These cute sounds are similar to the types of noises that you hear from a small baby. Once you touch its head, it’ll start making noise as well as moving. You’ll hear it sound happy and even emit giggles. It’ll talk in baby talk and at the same time, the head of the toy will move. It’ll move like it’s nodding and the ears can also move. You’ll see that the eyes can open and close with just the touch on the top of the head and can also mimic tiredness.

If you place the toy down or hold it horizontally in your arms, the toy will close its eyes and then start snoring. This is due to the amount of energy the “Force” uses so it makes The Child weary.

The toy has the ability to perform more than 25 different sounds and movements. Kids can tap into the Force just by touching the toy.

There are times when The Child will lift its arms. It’ll also heave a sigh. The toy is perfect for adventures and whatever type of creative play that kids want to experience. They can visit a galaxy far, far away during play. They can face off against the villains or play pretend using their imagination. They can plan missions during their play or they can just take a journey filled with plenty of action battles.

The toy is just over seven inches and comes dressed in a robe. It also has a Mandalorian necklace as an accessory and this necklace can be taken off. This is a gift with a recommended age level of four years old and older.

Air Hogs Laser-Guided Wall Climbing Race Car

One toy this year that’s fun for kids and adults alike is the Air Hogs Laser-Guided Wall Climbing Race Car. This car can do something that ordinary race cars can’t do and as soon as it’s unboxed, it’s a big hit.

That’s because, while it can easily run on the floor, it has the ability to race right up a wall. This race car can defy gravity so well that it can even run across the ceiling. It can do this thanks to the laser that’s used to control the car.

The laser allows you to send the car in any direction at a high rate of speed. All you have to do is place the car wherever you want it and then point the laser beam in front of it.

The car will pick up on this beam, then follow right along any direction that the beam directs it. The toy is able to climb walls because it has the Wall Climber Technology built in. This is what gives the vehicle a bit of suction power to enable it to hold on. It’s also what makes it easy for the car to be able to handle smooth driving surfaces. If your walls are paneled or they’re just not smooth, you might have a little more difficulty operating the car.

The car comes with a controller that’s used to guide the car. All you have to do is engage the trigger and then point. It’s that easy. If you’re a parent who’s worried about the danger of a laser pointer, the laser isn’t real. Instead, it’s an LED light. Anyone who wants to drive the car doesn’t have to be experienced with any kind of remote controlled vehicles because this one is super easy to play with.

You will need to make sure that you stay within a certain radius of the car so that the infrared sensors can pick up on the beam. Using the controller, kids can make the car turn on a dime or even spin around and head the same direction it came from.

As long as they’re within at least 6 feet of the car, they can move it anywhere they want it to go. If there are decorations on the wall such as picture frames, the car can easily navigate around these as directed.

The vehicle is not heavy enough to make anything fall off the wall. You will need batteries to be able to operate this toy. The car is USB rechargeable, but the controller uses three AAA batteries.

The car cannot be used outdoors because it’s only made for indoor use. The toy comes with the vehicle, the controller, the charger, and instructions. It’s a great gift for the 2021 holiday season!

Construction Car and Flexible Track Playset

Get the hottest toys this year before they sell out. Learning toys are topping the list for what’s going to go fast this holiday season. The Construction Car and Flexible Track Playset is one such toy.

Construction sets offer many opportunities for kids to use their fine motor skills as well as their cognitive skills. Add in their imagination and they can have hours of play from just one toy.

Because this racetrack set is a STEM toy, it involves a lot of chances to learn. The track itself is one that’s flexible and can be used on a variety of surfaces. Kids can put it together on a table and create loops. Or, it can be placed flat on a surface or on the floor to make a longer, straighter racetrack. The track has 200 flexible pieces, so kids can build different types of tracks to use with the race cars.

If they want, the tracks can be elevated or flexed so that they’re higher or lower. This track can also loop into different shapes. These shapes snap into place and can twist into a design that can be simple or complex. For example, a Y-shaped track can be built, but so can an arc track. It all depends on what your child creates.

The cars can race together in the same direction. Or, they can start from opposite ends of the tracks and race straight toward each other. Sometimes, the vehicles will crash together and remain on the track, but other times, the collision will send one of them careening off.

Along with the track pieces, the set includes two race cars that are perfect for small hands. There are six vehicles in all. One of these is an excavator and another one is a road roller. But there’s also a truck used for hauling and cement truck. These trucks have moveable parts.

Along with the cars and trucks, eight different traffic signs are also included and these can be used for educational purposes. Parents can use these accessories to help kids be able to identify what the sign is just by the shape alone. But then parents can also use the stickers that go on each of the signs and have the kids put the correct sticker on the correct sign. They can learn what the signs mean and what they’re used for in daily driving life.

Besides the cars and trucks, the set also has two trees and comes with a bridge that can be used as part of the tracks. The set is strong and durable and can be used for play both inside and outside the home. This toy is constructed of toxic-free parts and is suitable for play with kids aged 3 and up. You will need batteries, too, which are NOT included.

Construction Transform Robot Kids Toy Cars

Christmas is right around the corner. This holiday season, it’s time to get the toys that kids not only love to play with, but can also help them learn.

Hot right now are toys that help kids learn about science, technology, engineering and math all while having fun. STEM toys help children to develop better motor skills as well as boost cognitive learning.

A popular STEM toy is the Transform Robot Kids Toy. Kids of all ages love to play with robots. These toys have fascinated kids from toddlers on up and what better way to give the gift of hours of fun this Christmas than with a robot that transforms into other toys.

There are so many things that kids can do with this construction robot toy. They can use the toy in the robot mode, or have playtime that centers on using the vehicles. Each time a child plays with the robot, they can learn something new.

As they put the pieces together, they’ll learn how to solve problems. The toy is one that uses magnets to enable kids to easily take apart as well as put the toy back together into the action figure.

Using magnets is a good way for kids to build things by just allowing the pieces to snap together. No more struggling to fit pieces into slots, which can sometimes be hard for smaller kids.

This is a toy that’s a 5-in-1 item. The robot can transform into five separate vehicles: a truck, a crane, a bulldozer, an excavator, and a mixer. Putting the toys together as the transformer robot and then taking them apart can challenge a child’s building skills.

The truck also comes apart, so kids have the opportunity to create a variety of building and play modes. They can also pull back on the toys and the vehicles will speed away in the direction they’re facing.

Because there are so many toys in one, this gift is a good option for a child to be able to share in play with a friend. It also has sound effects as well as light, so you will need to buy batteries since these are NOT included.

The toy is tough and designed with ABS plastic, which is safe for children and there are no sharp edges for kids to get cut on. If the toy gets dirty, you can easily wash it clean.

This holiday season, give the gift that will let your child’s imagination soar to a place of fun and adventure. It’s recommended that the toy is suitable for children who are 3 years old and above.

Bravokids Doodle Board

When it comes to gift giving, you want a gift that kids will love and play with all year long. A fun gift that delights kids is the Bravokids Doodle Board. This is a pink writing tablet that’s designed with a 10-inch screen. This screen is made with the safety of your child’s eyes in mind. It was created without glare, which can cause dry eyes, and is also radiation free. Thanks to the color screen technology, your child can use the tablet in comfort.

The screen works using pressure sensitivity. This allows the child to make designs, to write letters or numbers or draw any kind of artwork. They can use the stylus for their artwork or they can write on the tablet using anything that mimics a stylus as long as it’s hard.

Because the doodle board is reusable, it saves money. You won’t have to buy endless packs of construction paper or typing paper to give your child something to be able to draw on. It’s a good toy for a child to play with in any room of the house because there’s no clutter and no mess to clean up.

The tablet does have a battery with a pretty good life span. It can be used for about half a year depending on how often your child uses it. But when the battery does start dying, you can easily install a new one.

If you want to use the tablet to help your child learn things such as how to spell out words, the tablet has the ability to produce lines like you would see on paper. You can create the lines to be thin or wide.

When your child decides she’s done drawing or writing, starting over again is simple. All the child has to do to get a clean slate is just press the tablet’s erase button. If your child has drawn or written something that you want to save and show to someone else, the lock button on the tablet will prevent that from being erased.

This tablet is lightweight so it’s easy to take along for an outing or on a road trip. The tablet is made with softly rounded corners so there are no sharp edges to cut little fingers.

Plus, the toy has an anti-shock feature, so even if they drop it, it’ll still work. The tablet can be used for fun experiences, but you can also use it as an educational toy and help your child learn her ABCs or how to count numbers.

You can also teach her how to doodle objects and even use it for simple math problems or graphics used to teach kids. The toy is suitable for kids aged 3 to 8 years.

Bluey Ultimate Caravan Adventures

Toys that can mimic real life are always a big hit with kids. That’s one of the many reasons that the Bluey Ultimate Caravan Adventures toy is so popular. It’s sure to be number one on a lot of Christmas lists this year.

The toys are created to help kids enjoy the same fun that’s shown on the Australian animated series. The set comes with twelve pieces as well as the three figures which are Bandit, Bluey and her friend.

Each of these figures was designed with careful attention to detail and all three of them have movable arms and legs, so kids will be able to pose the figures standing or sitting. They can also raise the arms or legs or do them individually during play.

Part of the set is the Heeler 4WD vehicle. Kids can pretend to back it up and let it hook up to the caravan to get ready to hit the road. Kids can imagine that they’re going on vacation or that they’re taking off on a journey wherever the road leads them.

All of the figures can easily fit into the Heeler or caravan at the same time. Even small kids will be able to place the figures in the vehicle because the roof will lift up for easy access.

This is a transforming caravan so it opens up and the expansion reveals a lot of fun features. The top of the roof will open up and kids will be able to see and play with the bunkbeds located on this hidden second story.

At the rear of the caravan is a kitchen. This is where kids can use their imagination to pretend to make breakfast or cook a meal. The cabinet doors both open. Inside of these, there are stickers showing that the cabinets hold glasses, cups and more. The stove door opens, and kids can use that to pretend that they’re cooking or baking something delicious for their little family. Because the figures are posable, they can sit at the table and have their meals or snacks.

Kids can also pretend that the family is sitting down to play a game. Or, if they prefer to pretend their characters are outside, they can toast marshmallows over the campfire. Both of these objects are included in the playset.

The Heeler easily unhooks from the caravan so they can take off on other journeys and leave the caravan parked. The two surfboards that come with the set attach to the roof of the car for a fun day in the water. Each one of the figures has the ability to snap onto one of the surfboards.

Barbie Signature 2021 Holiday Doll

It’s just about time to break out those holiday decorations and get busy ordering gifts for the people on your list. Every year, there are gifts that sell out pretty quickly because they’re considered hot items.

You’ll find that many of these gifts sell out because they’re part of a tradition in some families. Giving the Holiday Barbie as a gift is one of these traditions. For many years, people have given these dolls and each year these toys become beloved collectibles for kids and adults alike.

These dolls are always so gorgeously dressed and presented, and the 2021 version is no exception. This is the same 12 inch doll as the rest in the holiday collection. Many people buy each of the holiday dolls as soon as they are released, so they don’t miss out. As time goes by, these toys are passed down from generation to generation.

From the moment you first see this holiday Barbie, it shows the heart of Christmas starting with the beautiful gown the doll is dressed in. It’s immediately eye-catching. The gown is designed in a way that makes it sparkle in or out of light. It’s easy to see that the clothing is reflecting the glitter of the season from all sides.

The gown is floor length with a full skirt. It has touches of tulle around the waist that makes it look even wider. It has a bit of the netting at the sleeves that hang off the shoulders. Underneath that, there are the silver straps, which secure the top of the gown. The shining bodice is metallic and comes designed with gemstones that are a sculpted part of the design.

The doll comes with accessories like the beautiful pearl earrings that also sparkle with glamour. The face of the Barbie is done up in holiday makeup including the bright red lips. The Barbie’s long blonde hair is parted on the side and styled with both waves and curls, giving the doll a look of refinement.

Just like with the other dolls in the holiday line, this one also comes in a holiday box that can be used to keep the doll if the recipient chooses to display it. There’s also a doll stand included as well as a certificate of authenticity, which is valued by collectors. This toy is a suitable gift for any child six years or older.

Disney Cars Toys Stunt & Splash Red Firetruck with Collectible Golden Lightning McQueen Vehicle

Sure to be a hit this Christmas season is Disney’s new Pixar Cars Stunt & Splash Red Firetruck. It has all the fun things that kids love. The toy bundle comes with the much beloved Lightning McQueen color-changing car that kids will have hours of fun playing with.

The Stunt and Splash large red firetruck’s roof opens up to reveal a hidden water tank. Kids can use a cup to pour water into the holding tank. The hose in the back of the firetruck really sprays water.

The launching ladder attachment that fits onto the back of the truck holds the car securely while kids use the hose to spray the car. Once the water hits the car, it begins to change color right in front of their eyes. This same attachment can be taken off the back of the firetruck and placed on the side to create a ramp. Kids can then place the ring of fire in front of the car and use the propelling action to vault the car across the truck.

If they don’t want the car to speed off on whatever surface it lands on, they can attach the other ramp and the car can travel down that instead. Both of these ramps can be fit together to create a longer ramp, which gives kids many ways to play with the set.

Once the ramp is fit together, it can be placed upright in the back of the firetruck to propel the car down into a tank of water. The set has two different tanks. One is used to hold cold water and the other one holds the warm water.

When the car is sprayed with cold water, it’ll turn blue. But if kids dunk the car in the warm water, it’ll return to the original red color. Besides changing the car’s colors, kids also have a lot of fun using the set to pretend to be a firefighter.

They can spray water at the flames and knock down the fire using the truck’s hose. Two vehicles are included in this set. One of them is the color changing one while the other one is a collectible and comes in the color gold. The gold vehicle doesn’t have the same color changing ability.

Kids can use their imagination with the set to spray the cars or send them flying into the tank of water. They can also launch the cars high or practice some of Lighting McQueen’s amazing stunts.

The toy offers hours of play time and the set can be expanded by buying more color changing cars. This is a great Christmas gift for 2021 for kids who are at least 4 years old.

Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog

Learning toys make great gifts especially during the Christmas season. These toys can give kids something fun to do while at the same time, they help improve cognitive and other skills.

Spike the Fine Motor Hedgehog is a perfect gift idea for kids who are at least 18 months old. The top of the toy, which is the colorful blue shell, comes off easily. Kids can then use this space to house Spike’s removable quills when they’re not playing with them. This storage area helps keep the pieces neatly together and this can be turned into an activity that can teach a child to put away his toys when he’s done playing.

Each of these quills with this toy are in the shape of pegs and are designed to fit into a toddler’s hands. This can help a child learn how to grasp items. There are all kinds of skills and learning adventures that kids can develop with this toy. One of these skills is color recognition. Color recognition is important because it’s what’s used to develop a child’s descriptive language ability. The spikes come in the colors of purple, red, orange, and green.

Parents can help kids learn their colors through the use of games such as having them place only a certain quill color in the back of Spike. Or, they can alternate colors or instruct the child which color order to put in the back. They can also have the child remove only a certain color at a time, such as telling them to take out only the red ones.

Kids can also learn sorting skills by grouping like colors together. This can help them to recognize patterns. The top of the toy’s shell has numbers on it. Parents can use the toy to teach kids how to recognize their numbers.

For example, you can tell a child to put one of the spikes into the number four space. This improves their directional skill as well as the fine motor skills. Plus, it helps with their hand-to-eye coordination. In addition, using toys that call for grasping can help a child with their hand strength.

The hedgehog toy comes in bright colors for the shell and the quills. Bright colors are known to boost learning, plus kids are easily able to tell bright colors apart, especially when they’re just learning their colors.

The toy has a total of fourteen pieces. One is the body of the hedgehog, while the rest are the shell and the quills. An activity guide is also included that parents can use to guide their kids through fun learning times. If the toy gets dirty, it can be cleaned with a wet cloth.

SISIGAD Hoverboard

Once again this year, the hoverboard will make the list of most wanted gift items. Since their invention, the popularity of these gifts has never waned. Kids like hoverboards because they can zip along for the ride with less effort than skateboarding and the speed of the device mimics flying. It’s no wonder it’s still a gift most often asked for year after year.

Thanks to all the innovative safety features as well as entertainment features on the SISIGAD model, the hoverboard is going to be a big hit with recipients. This model is one of the coolest ones around thanks in part to the LED lights which make it light up well in the dark. The side lights are one of the features that kids really like.

It has 300 watt motors, which means good power as well as the ability to move pretty fast. You can quickly recharge the device and it has a long-lasting use time, depending on whether or not it’s fully charged when you start using it.

At speeds of 9 mph, the device is faster than many other hoverboards on the market, but it’s not so fast that you’ll feel like you can’t hang on. This means that even beginner riders will have an easier time learning to balance while the hoverboard is moving. However, it can be operated at a slower speed for those who are new to hoverboarding.

The device comes Bluetooth enabled, which opens up a lot of entertainment options while kids are playing. With the built-in wireless speaker, you can sync it with whatever portable device your child prefers. He can listen to his favorite music from his phone directly to the Bluetooth or he can listen to a show or whatever without the need for earbuds.

The device has 6.5-inch high-quality rubber tires, which helps users be able to better maintain their balance. Parents love the safety on this hoverboard because it meets UL2272 standard. This means is that the toy’s electrical and mechanical construction received recognition in the form of a certificate because the components were tested and found to have met the safety standards.

The maximum weight limit for the hoverboard is 260 pounds. It can be used outside as well as inside. But if you use it outside, you’ll want to be careful with the type of surface it’s used on.

In the event of inclement weather, you won’t want to use the device outside because rain can damage the device and cause it to stop working. If you’re giving this as a gift for a child, you may also want to consider purchasing a helmet for use with the hoverboard.

Little Live Pets – My Pet Pig: Piggly

Interactive toys come in all shapes and sizes, but when they come in the shape of an adorable pet pig, kids are sure to love it. This year’s cutest pet is Piggly from Little Live Pets.

Now kids can have all the fun of having their very own little animal that will engage with them. Piggly has soft skin from head to toe that’s perfect for both play and cuddling.

Plus, she has floppy ears that jiggle whenever she moves. She also has a little curly tail that’s jiggly. The toy is so life-like, that it reacts like a real animal, which is one of the reasons why kids like to play with it.

When you put a hand in front of Piggly’s nose, she will move her nose and sniff at your hand. Plus, just like people can do, Piggly can sneeze. Her cute little nose wiggles around and she makes oinking sounds, too.

She enjoys interacting and being petted during play time. She can make more than 25 sounds as well as movements that will delight kids. The toy has a total of two fun modes.

If you pat her on the back, she can start walking all by herself. When the toy is walking, there will be a trotting sound. In addition to walking, the pig can also dance. After a pat on the back in dance mode, the pig will dance using one of two songs.

To change modes, all kids have to do is press the button that’s on the toy’s collar. Piggly enjoys company and if time goes by and she’s not played with, she’ll try to draw attention by making whimpering like noises. If someone doesn’t interact with her after that, she’ll stop whimpering and fall asleep, but will make snoring sounds. She comes with a walking leash but can walk without it being attached.

She also comes with a feeding bottle so that kids can feed her. When she is being fed, she’ll make sucking sounds and her nose will wiggle. She can also burp at times as well as let out a cute giggle.

If the toy ever gets dirty, it can easily be wiped clean. It comes with the walking leash, the feeding bottle, and a handy operating guide. Piggly makes a great Christmas gift for kids who are four years old and over.

Note: Kids will need to be careful not to touch the joint at the front legs when the pig is walking because it will mash their fingers. Batteries are needed to operate this toy.

No matter the child on your list, there are many choices of gifts to bring a smile to their face.

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5 Luxury Watches that Wow

Luxury watches are a great gift for men or women who spend their time attending important meeting and formal events. A watch is an important accessory, and for many people, it’s a quick definition of what kind of person they are.

Having a good quality watch can instantly complete an outfit, whether it be a formal suit or more casual wear.

5 Watches that Wow

*Note: this post contains affiliate links.

Michael Kors Slim Runway Watch

Michael Kors is a very reputable brand in the United States, and their watches are well known. The Michael Kors Slim Runway watch is a great example of their craftsmanship, being both made with quality while still being very practical and relatively inexpensive.

The first thing to note is that this watch is made with a stainless steel band. Stainless steel is a great choice for a few reasons. It still has the weight that you would expect with a full metal watch, so it definitely feels like luxury. However, the main point of stainless steel is that it’s very resilient, and will not easily wear or corrode over time, ensuring that this watch will be ready to last you for years.

The face of the watch is made with a mineral crystal, which holds up very well under stress. Mineral faces can withstand most scratches fairly easily, and won’t crack if dropped. This also helps keep down costs, as sapphire crystal faces are much more expensive. A mineral face keeps up with all of the day-to-day wear and tear that a watch should endure.

The Slim Runway features a quartz movement, meaning that it uses vibrations from a small piece of quartz along with a battery to tell the time and keep the hands of the clock moving. This arrangement is fairly common in most watches today.

This watch is available for men and women in a variety of different color arrangements, ranging from a gold and black design, to a full black or even a gunmetal and rose gold design. The watch itself is fairly minimalist in its look, with notches for each number on the face and simple hands.

Surprisingly, this watch is waterproof as well. While you’re probably not going to be taking it swimming or diving, it is waterproof up to 50 meters. So if you happen to get it wet, or leave it on when you get in a pool, you can rest assured knowing that the watch is unharmed.

Michael Kors Bradshaw Watch

The Michael Kors Bradshaw is a great choice for any woman looking to get a new watch, as it is well built, fashionable, and comes in a variety of styles. The watch band is a fairly simple and elegant design, with a 3-part band and a solid bezel and face.

The watch is made with a stainless steel band and case, which helps prevent things like rust and corrosion over time while still giving the watch a smooth, clean look. The dial window is a mineral quartz, which withstands most scuffs and scratches that your watch would see in daily wear.

The watch face has a very classical design. It uses Roman numerals at the 12, 2, 4, 8, and 10 o’clock positions. It has very simple watch hands, but it does have several sub-dials to help you keep track of time as a sort of chronograph, or stopwatch mixed with clock. One sub-dial keeps track of seconds, going all the way around to 60.

It has a minute sub-dial that tracks all the way to 30 minutes, and finally an hour sub-dial that keeps track up to 24 hours. All of these can be used in different ways to help you keep track of certain things like the length of a meeting, or the time taken to drive home.

This watch does come in all kinds of different colors, some which only go well with a few outfits and styles, and some that are fairly universal. One of the most common options is the gold tone and blush. This has a mostly gold case with some very light pink accents on the band, with a face mostly colored in the light pink with gold accents.

There are no shortage of colors to match different styles. There’s an all-black, a hot pink with gold accents, a fully gold, a fully red, a deep purple, and more. No matter what your wardrobe looks like, you should be able to find a Bradshaw watch that matches quite well. One of the options even comes with matching earrings to ensure that your ensemble matches.

Versace Men’s Dylos Watch

When you think about luxury brands, Versace is one of the ones that comes to mind. They’re somewhat known for their clothing, but also known for their accessories. Versace excels at making high-quality accessories, such as purses, rings, and watches.

The Versace men’s Dylos watch is incredibly sleek and stylish, and is made with some high-quality materials that will keep it running for decades on end. It has a two-tone band, mostly of silver stainless steel, with gold stainless steel accents. This pairs well with many suits and outfits, so you’ll be able to wear it frequently.

The face of the watch is a navy blue with an imprinted dot pattern running all across it. The navy blue works best with black and blue suits, though it can also work with grey.

At the top of the watch face, there’s the Versace Medusa head logo in gold. Each hour mark is also in gold, as are the watch hands. The gold and navy contrast very well and work well together. One of the good things to note about this watch is that while Versace is an Italian company, they know where to go to get the best watches made.

This watch is actually made in Switzerland, where many legendary watch makers have established their businesses and perfected their craft. Swiss-made watches are always very highly revered.

For the dial window, this watch does feature a sapphire crystal. If you’re unfamiliar with sapphire crystal watches, it doesn’t actually tint the window blue or anything. They’re clear, but they simply have unmatched durability. Sapphire is very hard and scratch resistant, meaning that no matter how much it gets bumped or dropped, it should hold up just fine.
This watch has an automatic movement, meaning that it doesn’t use battery power or anything like that, but rather your kinetic energy that it gets from being on your wrist while you’re walking around and doing things. This is a very complex and well-designed movement, and allows your watch to keep working constantly.

Some may be delighted to find that this watch is a continuous sweep watch, meaning that it doesn’t actually tick and make a noise at every second. Instead, each hand moves fluidly and consistently across the watch face, not producing any sound. While some may prefer the ticking sounds and look, it’s entirely up to personal preference.

Seiko Excelsior Watch

While Switzerland is well known for their watchmaking skills, they aren’t the only high-end watchmaking country. Surprisingly, Japan is also known for excelling in this field, and one of their best luxury watch brands is Seiko.

Seiko has quite the pedigree in watchmaking. They introduced the first full-production quartz movement watch, which is what so many watches today run off of. They’ve been making watches for over 100 years, and have specialized in things such as micro-gears and motors that all are made specifically at Seiko. Other watch companies may source parts from less reputable companies before adding them into their watches, but Seiko watches are entirely made by them.

The Seiko men’s Excelsior is a great watch for daily and formal wear, and has many interesting features that you might not typically find on other luxury watches. It uses a gunmetal and silver tone design with a black colored face, which means it pairs well with just about anything.

One of the first things you’ll note is the sub-dials. While some watches favor a more minimalist design, Seiko gives you more information than other watches with its multiple sub-dials that are cleanly worked into the watch face. The top sub-dial is like a stopwatch of sorts. It goes up to 60 minutes, and after that, it stops automatically.

This is helpful for keeping track of general time. Say you know that you need to leave in 20 minutes, but you don’t know exactly what time that would be. All you have to do is set your stopwatch going, and when you see it approach the 20 minute mark, you know it’s time to leave.

The other sub-dials aren’t as interesting, but they still serve a good function. The one of the left hand side is a second counter for precise counting, and the bottom sub-dial is an alarm setter. On the right, there isn’t a sub-dial, but there is a date counter so that you’ll always know that day’s date.

This watch interestingly is powered by two sources. First, it uses your kinetic motion to power the watch, which is actually another feature that they invented. However, there’s a secondary option as well. This watch can actually run off of solar power. So as long as you’re getting some sun and moving around regularly, this watch will be powered for quite a long time.

JBW Women’s Cristal Watch

While some may think of luxury watches as a men’s accessory, it’s certainly not uncommon or rare to see women wearing luxury watches as well. They’re essentially just another form of jewelry, and many women like having a watch on them when they’re attending an event or a meeting of some kind.

JBW is a well-known watch brand that tends to incorporate a lot of diamonds and precious metals into their watch construction. The JBW women’s Cristal is no exception. Any women who like wearing heavily diamond-embedded jewelry will find themselves right at home with this watch, as that’s likely the first thing you’ll notice about it.

The main construction of this watch is made with stainless steel, giving it a nice strong base that it builds off of. Solid gold doesn’t hold up too well in all kinds of circumstances, so having stainless steel as the primary material makes a lot of sense and ensures that your watch will hold up well.

The stainless steel of the watch is gold plated with 18k gold. JBW goes to great lengths to make sure that their gold is authentic and that the stainless steel is plated evenly and entirely.

All around the watch band and face, you can see the Swarovski crystals that they’ve embedded for a dazzling look. Swarovski is an Austrian jewelry company that has been operation for many years, so you know you’ll be getting quality in that regard. At each of the 12 hour marks, there is a proper, round-cut genuine diamond.

The movement of this watch is a Swiss-designed quartz movement, which of course runs off of a battery. The battery is long lasting, so you don’t need to worry too much about that. It’s nice to know that it’s designed by the Swiss.

This watch also features a mineral crystal dial window, which is known to resist scratches and hard impacts quite well thanks to the heat-treating process that it undergoes.

The Cristal watch uses a proper deployment clasp to keep itself attached, which can be important. Some watches use cheap clasps that can unhook if you bump your wrist into something, which could lead to you dropping and losing your watch. However, with this deployment clasp, you’re sure to keep your watch on you no matter what happens.

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