Am I Qualified to Homeschool My Child?

Am I Qualified to Homeschool My Child?

Did you fail Algebra? Maybe you didn’t read until you were well into third grade, or you barely managed to pass English. Does this mean you aren’t qualified to homeschool your child?

Some parents agonize over whether or not they are qualified to teach their children at home. It’s easy to get caught up in the idea that you have to know everything first, and then pick and choose from this extensive knowledge and teach your child, like picking books off of a shelf. But really, you’d probably be better off picking out actual books!

This is because no one knows everything…not even certified teachers!

But what about methods and techniques of teaching? If you’re not a teacher, how do you know how to teach?

These are just some of the issues and dilemmas that parents face when they consider homeschooling. Here are some tips and discussions on how you, as a parent, can know whether or not you are qualified to homeschool your child.

Knowledge of Your Child

No one knows a child like his or her parents. Even the most well-meaning teacher does not have the personal interest in your child that you do. That’s just how parenting is – you have unique insights into what makes your child tick that you may not be able to put into words. But that insight will hold you in good stead as a homeschooling parent.

Outside Resources

As noted above, you can’t be expected to know everything or even to learn everything beforehand. You and your child can learn some subjects together, and/or you can seek out resources other than yourself to teach your child about something. For instance, if your child is very interested in chemistry but it was not your strongest subject, look up chemistry lessons online or check out DVDs from the library; find local tutors, and check out books to help you teach the subject. Check your state homeschool law, though. Some may have specific requirements for certain (or all) subjects.

Another great resource is other homeschoolers. It’s amazing how many experts and knowledgeable people there are in so many fields. Think how much more true to life such a learning scenario is than a classroom slide show or textbook. A lot of areas have homeschooling groups or co-ops that you could join.

The Power of Information

We live in an information age. If it’s not at the library, it’s on the internet; and the library is probably on the internet, too! We live in a time when it’s easier than ever to find the information you need to educate your child. Remember, you don’t have to know everything. You just have to know where to find it.

School in a “Box”

These days there are so many different programs that are available straight for a “box”, basically a bundle put together for each grade level. It takes all the guess work out of everything. Most will come with schedules, teacher’s notes, etc. A few that we used early on were Sonlight, My Father’s World, and Alpha Omega Publications (not affiliate links). There are also some states that now have schools set up online, but most will still have to report to a school and be considered public, so make sure to research thoroughly.

Legal Requirements

Make sure you research the legal requirements for your specific state. All states are different. A good place to start is through the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA). Their site has great information on the different states. And you can sign up for a yearly membership in which they are available to assist with any legal homeschooling matters. We have used them every year of our homeschooling so far, and fortunately we have never needed to use their service. But the website has great information. And the group is always advocating for homeschool laws.


Some of the resources we use are listed below. These are affiliate links (which means we will make a small percentage if you were to buy anything; however, it does not cost you anything extra).

This site is awesome for online teaching from K-12th. We have been members since they started the site, and we were subscribers to their magazine before that. They have classes in just about every subject, and they have many resources for parents including articles and planners. Homeschool

Also known as CBD, this is a great resource for buying materials, or for just researching all that is out there. So many new materials come out every year, so this is usually one of our first stops for looking into curriculum. And they frequently have sales and clearance items.

Techie Homeschool Mom

This site is focused on online unit studies. We have used a few of these so far, including the Solar System Online unit study. Beth has done a great job of putting the resources together so you don’t have to research it.

This site offers curriculum, books, math manipulatives, and so much more. They also have toys and games for active play.

Yes, You Are Qualified to Homeschool

Don’t listen to the critics. It is your choice to homeschool or not to homeschool. There are pros and cons for either. Maybe you only want to homeschool for the younger years and then send them to public school for high school. That’s okay, too! You know what is best for your child. You know best how your child thinks. Remember, there is an “average” to everything because not all children are the same. Some children may read when they are 3, while others may not read until they are 10. That doesn’t mean that one is smarter than the other. The important thing is to do what’s best for your child. And remember, learning is more than just about school books. It is also about learning life lessons and teaching your child to be ready to face the world.

Note: be sure to check regulations in your state. This is not to be used in place of legal advice.

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Need Help Starting or Improving Your Blog? The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit is For You!

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There’s so much cruddy information out there – can I trust this blogger’s toolkit?

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How much time will it take to use the blogger’s toolkit?

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Isn’t all this information already out there for free?

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Clean Eating 101: Get your FREE report

Tired of eating junk food? Wanting to lose weight?

Have you heard of clean eating? The Paleo Diet? The Whole30? Don’t know what these are? Do you really have to follow a program?

We have created a report outlining steps to:

  • Set yourself up for success
  • Be prepared
  • Come up with some go-to meals
  • Stock up on healthy snacks
  • Switch it up and keep it interesting
  • Be careful about recreating junk food

We recently completed our first Whole30 and have chronicled our journey in earlier blog posts. We started thinking that maybe others would be interested in something similar but didn’t know where to start.

So, if you are interested, please sign up below to get your FREE Clean Eating 101 Report.

Whole30 – Days 27-30 and Beyond


Whole30 Days 27-30

Boy how time flies. I just realized I never made the final post. We finished up the Whole30 program earlier in the week. The last few days were easier than the others. We pretty much ate the same types of foods we had before, so no new menus to share.

We did our “official” weigh-in on Day 31. I had lost a total of 15 pounds, while Fred lost 9 pounds. Not bad for 30 days of eating healthy and that being healthy portions too!! I was concerned I might have gained or not lost very much because I felt like I was eating so much. It was nice to see the number going down.

Whole30 Days 31 and Beyond

I have decided to continue for at least 15 more days before reintroducing any of the non-Whole30 foods. Fred decided to go ahead and reintroduce…but he didn’t exactly do it per plan.

On Day 31, he had some taco meat (without the corn shells) that made his stomach churn in knots. He’s not sure what was in it that caused the reaction. Someone had brought it in, so it probably had soy and/or MSG.

Then on Day 32, he went and had NC barbeque (that’s vinegar-based sauce) and also a hush puppy. So he reintroduced more than one category at once (wheat, corn, and sugar, and probably more). Since he didn’t really have food sensitivities before, he didn’t really seem to see a difference. Except that he has a stuffed up nose. But he’s not sure if he’s coming down with a cold (our middle son has had the sniffles for about a week).

He has still been trying to walk around his office complex a couple times a day for added exercise. With all my health problems, I haven’t been able to exercise, so losing the 15 pounds is a HUGE accomplishment for me.

I had my MRI this week and will get the results on Monday. I’m hoping the doctor will be able to tell me something. I also see my neurologist the same day, so I will be asking him about it too. And to see where we go next.

Whole30 Final Thoughts

Even though I have not experienced the “wow” factor that most people get after completing the Whole30, I highly recommend this program. There were many times I wanted to cave in due to the back pain (I slipped in the shower after just the first week and have been in constant pain since), but I held my ground. I have continued to eat healthy food, and plan on continuing. Chocolate is still calling my name, but it is just going to have to wait. I’m not quite ready to give up.

For the first time in I don’t know how many years, I feel like food does not rule me. I don’t have the cravings for sugar that I used to have. I haven’t had to take as many naps as I did before starting the Whole30.

I think I am just one of the small percentage that because of underlying health issues may require a little longer before seeing the full benefit of the program.

I have tried so many different diets, and this is the first time that I have actually felt like this is something I could do long-term and possibly keep the weight off. I don’t feel like I’m starving myself. I feel full and don’t need to snack between meals. For me, that is a big win.

So if you are looking for a way to lose weight or just want to be healthier, give Whole30 a try.

To your health!


PS: If you are new and are interested in finding out the beginning of our Whole30 journey, click here.

13 Different Methods of Homeschooling

*This post contains affiliate links.


If you are planning on homeschooling your child, you will need to learn the many styles of homeschooling that’s available so that you can decide which would work best for your family. The top 5 today are Classical, Eclectic, Charlotte Mason, Unit Studies, and Unschooling.

1.  Classical Homeschooling

This is a method of learning that goes all the way back to the middle ages. It works on the philosophy that the younger children begin with learning the basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Once that’s mastered, they move on to the next stage, which consists of grammar. It involves compositions and collections.

Then they move to the dialect stage, where the serious study of reading and writing and arithmetic comes in. Instead of learning grade-appropriate materials that public schools use, the child learns in stages.

2.  Eclectic (or Relaxed) Homeschooling

This type of homeschooling works under the philosophy that you should enhance children’s everyday activities and emotions, using them to insert appropriate lessons to teach them a subject.

3.  The Charlotte-Mason Method

This is one of the most popular methods of homeschooling today.  Charlotte-Mason developed this style to enrich a child’s education through nature, literature, and real-life experiences.

Although a child must still be taught with a regular curriculum according to your state’s laws, they can learn to love learning with nature lessons, poetry understanding, and much more. When learning is more enlightening for a child, they’re more apt to absorb the information than when they’re given a bunch of facts to memorize.


4.  Montessori-at-Home

This type of homeschooling allows a child to learn their fundamentals through the use of their environment and by using all of their senses – not by memorizing facts from a textbook.

Dr. Maria Montessori was a woman who studied children for many years and developed the philosophy that one should control the environment and not the child when teaching them skills. She believed this would provide the optimum learning environment.


5.  The Moore Formula

This method developed by Raymond and Dorothy Moore is divided into three separate parts. It’s a way of teaching with studying for a determined amount of time each day based on the child’s needs.

It involves manual work and entrepreneurship, which teaches a child to accept responsibility. Lastly, it involves home or community service, which builds character within the child.


6.  The Reggio Emilia Approach

This approach first started in the Reggio Emilia area of Italy. It teaches preschool-aged children to learn through exploration and not by having the fundamentals forced on them. Also, it teaches that children have a built-in sense that allows them to learn what they need in this world at their own pace.


7.  The Structured Homeschooling Approach

This is a method of homeschooling that is similar to the curriculum seen in public schools. This approach teaches lessons at a grade level depending on the student’s age and where they are at in their academics.


8.  The Unit Study Approach

This approach to homeschooling allows a child to learn a subject as a whole instead of just reading chapters in a textbook. A child learns a subject through the use of reading, science, math, and other methods to learn that topic. Children can retain almost 50% more with this immersion technique than the traditional study applied in public schools.

9.  Thomas Jefferson Education (TJEd)

 Created by Oliver and Rachel DeMille, TJEd offers an approach to education based on how great people in history were educated. They focus on the “how” and “why” we teach, instead of just the “what” to teach. It steers more towards classical books than textbooks and having “mentors” instead of teachers.

10.  Unschooling

This is a more laid back form of educating your child.  Basically, your son or daughter will lead you to their educational needs.  You’ll discover what to teach them based on their own interests and goals, not by abiding by a strict curriculum.


11.  Waldorf (or Steiner) Homeschooling

This method was developed by Rudolph Steiner. He broke learning up into 3 main categories:

Early childhood education–focuses on hands-on activities and playing

Elementary education–focuses on artistic expression and social capacities

Secondary education–focuses on critical reasoning and understanding

12.  Multiple Intelligences

This was created by Howard Gardner and Harvard University’s “Project Zero”. It uses the strengths of the child to teach instead of focusing on weaknesses.

13.  Online Homeschooling

You may choose to participate in an online school. This can be either a homeschool-based or state-based curriculum. Also, there are online classes or groups that you could join for specific subjects.



So where can you find curriculum for these? A quick google search is a good place to start. I have also linked to sites that we use quite often.

Amazon Homeschool

Unit Studies with Techie Homeschool Mom: Ancient Egypt Online Unit Study


High School Solution with The HomeScholar

Your Local Library



By analyzing your child’s learning abilities and your comfort-level with each type of instruction, you’ll be able to find a method of homeschooling that fulfills both you and your child during the educational journey you take together. Or you may decide that a combination of the above will work better. It is okay to change your mind. Know that one curriculum is not set in stone. We have tried many different approaches until we settled on a mix of classical and online homeschooling.


Good luck!



Whole30 – Days 21-26

*Note: this post contains affiliate links.

It has been a long week. Actually, the Whole30 part has been great. We are eating well, I feel full, and I finally feel like I have lost some weight. Although I don’t see or feel too many differences, I think that the Whole30 is working. I have had fewer naps over the past week, but I still hurt. But a big part of that is due to my continued back pain.

I finally was able to see a physicians’ assistant at a pain clinic on Day 22. She agreed that I needed to get an MRI to make sure there wasn’t any disc involvement. Of course, the order was put in as “urgent”, but the first available appointment is not until next week (Day 31 of the Whole30).

For this reason and others, I will be continuing the Whole30 program. Fred is probably going to start a slow reintroduction next week to see if he notices any differences.

So, what did the week look like? I will mainly focus on supper because most days we had eggs for breakfast and salad for lunch. Here is a little “taste”:


Day 21

Fred made pork in the crockpot again. It was really moist and tasty. We added some zucchini, onions, and garlic as well as a side salad.  I’ve also been allowing myself to eat a little more fruit this week. I really like Pink Lady apples.


Day 22

We were very thankful our family in Florida was safe during Hurricane Irma. Our thoughts and prayers go to all that were affected.

Fortunately, the weather here cooperated and Fred was able to grill chicken breasts. That was paired with asparagus, sauteed potatoes, a side salad, and a banana.

Day 23

Fred shredded up the rest of the pork tonight and made a vinegar-based bbq sauce that was delicious. To cut a little of the acid, he added a touch of pear juice instead of sugar. Mouthwatering!! Green beans and a side salad rounded out the meal, followed by an apple.


Day 24

Fred got a late start, but put 2 small whole chickens in the oven to roast. This was the first time I actually had to have a snack between meals, a piece of Whole30-approved roast beef rolled around a pickle spear.

The chicken was cooked perfectly and just fell off the bone. Fred has learned that he needs to add a little more salt than he is used to putting on the food, and it has made a huge difference. We had a side salad, zucchini, garlic, onions, and mushrooms and then split an apple and banana.

Day 25

Tonight was leftovers. We had chicken left over from Days 21 and 24. The boys chopped it up and then added the vinegar-based bbq sauce. They had theirs as sandwiches, but of course, we didn’t. Side salad, green beans, and a pear cup completed the meal. Obviously, I didn’t eat enough, because I was really hungry about an hour later. I had a piece of roast beef to tide me over for the evening.

We went out shopping to buy more groceries tonight at Aldi’s. I think we had about 30 minutes to shop before closing. That’s probably the fastest we have every shopped!!


Day 26

Tonight Fred wanted shrimp. Since I don’t like seafood, he made me a hamburger with bacon, shallots, garlic, and mushrooms on top. (I just LOVE being able to eat bacon!!) I sandwiched it in between two pieces of iceberg lettuce. Rather messy, but it sure tasted good.

Fred also made zoodles (zucchini noodles). He added a little Whole30-compliant marinara sauce to mine. I was actually surprised that I liked it. I was worried about it being like soggy worms, but it still had a crunch.

The boys were lucky and were able to have fettucini with their shrimp. It’s interesting, I’m not missing the pasta this week as much as I have in previous weeks. The zoodles were an actual nice alternative. Then I had some strawberries and grapes. I used to put a bunch of sugar on my strawberries, but I ate them without any sugar. Baby steps, right?

Final Thoughts

So, 26 days down and 4 more to go to complete the 30 days. I’m interested in weighing in to see how much I have lost. Like I mentioned before, I still plan on staying on the program for longer. I’m going to give it at least 15 more days probably before reintroducing anything. And then I will probably only reintroduce one category of food a week. With the history of food issues in my family, it will be interesting to see how I react.

The next post will probably include the final days and the weigh-in.

Stay tuned,


PS: If you are interested in a crockpot, here is one on Amazon like the one we have. It is an affiliate link, but I wouldn’t recommend something unless I truly believed in it. And I love using Amazon, especially with Prime. I just made an order the other day with Prime Pantry to have toiletries delivered. With my anxiety, I don’t like shopping nearly as much as I used to. I wish we lived closer for Prime Now (their 2-hour delivery service). We had it for a few months before we moved 18 months ago, and I really enjoyed it.

Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial

My 5 Go-To Products for a Bullet Journal

*Note: this post contains affiliate links.

I was introduced to Bullet Journaling by Anne Bogel of Modern Mrs Darcy. She did a talk on Bullet Journaling for Readers. I had been trying to find something to put all of my notes in place, and this was it!!

Let me tell you! I was so excited. After watching the podcast, I told my husband all about the bullet journal. He was excited too. He had been looking for a way to organize his work projects but hadn’t found the right system. We watched the video by Ryder Carroll explaining how he came up with the system.

So then, it was time to decide what we wanted to use for our bullet journals. Of course, I wanted something feminine while my husband wanted something a little more masculine.

Here are some options we found:

The Leuchtturm 1917 journal

This seems to be the favorite bullet journal of many bloggers. The pages are a nice thickness, and yet it is still lightweight.

Pilot G2 Retractable Pens

At first, I liked the Pilot FriXion Clicker Erasable Pens…until my husband left his journal in the hot car. Everything disappeared!! The gel is erasable because it reacts with heat or friction. I contacted Pilot, and they said to put the journal in the freezer, and the ink should become visible again. This worked, but we decided it might not be a good idea to use these for important documents. However, I think the boys might like writing coded messages now.

Washi Tape

Washi tape is not something my husband wants to use, but I think it is pretty. I am not very artistic, so this helps to spice up the page.

Stencil Set

I can’t draw a straight line, so a stencil set is nice to make lines as well as all the cute little pictures.

Page Corners

A great way to mark your place for items you refer to often…monthly calendar, daily list, etc.

Happy Journaling!


A “Normal” Homeschool Day

*Note: this post contains affiliate links.

Would you like a glimpse into a day of a homeschooling family?

I put normal in quotes because with homeschooling, you never really have a “normal” day. We are a little over 3 weeks into our current school year. The boys are in 9th (A & J) and 10th (S) grades.


Morning Homeschool Routine

I am not an early riser. I usually get up about 8 am. By this time, the boys have been up and working on independent studies including Grammar, Writing, Reading, etc.

Once I’m up, we eat breakfast. Then the boys generally will go outside and run a little bit or they will get some form of exercise. By 9 am we are ready to start our homeschool “day”.

First, we have prayer time and then we start reading. This year we are doing a study on different world religions, as well as Foundations for Teens class.

Next, we read a novel of some type. First up this year is Surviving the Applewhites by Stephanie Tolan. After that, we will be reading To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

After the group reading, we split up. I work on Biology and Geometry with the twins (9th grade). They are using Notgrass’ Exploring World History Course which is self-paced.

Finally, I work on Algebra 2, Chemistry, and US History with S (10th grade).

If they haven’t finished before this time, the boys will complete their Spanish 2 class and work on a little keyboarding.


Lunch is A’s favorite subject. The boy eats like crazy!! He is ready for his next meal almost as soon as he’s finished with the first. Usually, we only take about 30 minutes to have lunch. Then it’s back to work.

Afternoon Homeschool Routine

I’m available for help during the afternoon if needed; otherwise, I work on other things or take a nap. Since the boys have checklists, they know what work they have for the day and go by that. It has helped a lot to make this checklist before the school year starts.

Evening Homeschool Routine

Most of the time the boys are done with their homeschool work between 3 and 4 pm. After this time, they are allowed to go outside or work on whatever they want. Frequently this is looking at baseball cards or playing some type of game together. Many nights they help make supper, and some nights they make it all. It is nice having them at the age that they can do so much for themselves now. All those years of training are starting to pay off.

After dinner, the boys will bring their work to me for grading. Certain subjects I will let them grade themselves, and then I will just check to make sure they are learning the work. Other subjects I grade, and then we will talk about anything they got wrong.

This basic outline has worked out well for us for the past few years of homeschooling. The older the boys get, the more responsibilities they are able to take on for themselves and the less involved I am. I’ve become more of a guidance counselor for some subjects than a teacher.


Here is a list of some of the curriculum we are using this year:

Saxon Algebra 2
Bob Jones University (BJU) Biology
Apologia Chemistry
Rosetta Stone Spanish
Unto a New Land (US History)
Notgrass’ Exploring World History

I hope this helps you a little on your homeschooling journey.

Happy Schooling!