The Boomerang Gift – Devotional About Giving

Devotional About Giving – Day 12

Devotional About Giving

“Give, and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over, will be
poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.” – Luke 6:38, NIV

Todd and Nancy were successful business owners. Their friends often joked that the couple had a golden touch. Every project they worked on became successful.

One week at a local networking event, Todd and his wife met another couple, Amanda and Paul. They were down on their luck and trying to fund their newest business endeavor. The two couples spent some time talking and even enjoyed a meal together.

When they went home, Nancy turned to Todd. She had a strong feeling they were meant to invest in Amanda and Paul’s business.

The next day, they met together for lunch. Todd and Nancy presented the other couple with a check. They explained the money was a gift and did not need to be returned.

As the years passed, Todd and Nancy forgot about the gift. Then came the day they learned a trusted business partner had embezzled funds from their company and disappeared.

They fought hard, but the financial damage was unimaginable. Todd and Nancy were going to lose everything they owned including their home.

While Todd and Nancy struggled with what to do, they received a phone call. Amanda and Paul wanted to meet again at the same restaurant they had all those years ago.

When they arrived, Paul and Amanda presented the other couple with a check. Every penny they’d given plus years of interest. It was enough to give Todd and Nancy time to get back on their feet financially.

Todd and Nancy called the experience a boomerang gift. It was a gift that God had given back to them in their moment of need.

Father, You are so gracious! When I’m tempted to hoard my resources, remind me that You are an abundant giver and that You’ll meet my needs as they come.

S.T.O.P. Your Anxiety

Do you suffer from anxiety? You’re not alone. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), anxiety disorders affect 40 million adults in the US or about 18% of the population. There are many different types of anxiety which I will cover in a separate post. First, I wanted to talk about a way to help S.T.O.P. your anxiety.

S.T.O.P. Your Anxiety

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Giving of Your Time and Energy – Devotional About Giving

Devotional About Giving – Day 11

Devotional About Giving

“But a Samaritan, as he traveled, came where the man was; and when he saw him, he took pity on him.
He went to him and bandaged his wounds, pouring on oil and wine.” – Luke 10:33-34, NIV

One evening Vince was mugged while traveling through a rough neighborhood. The attacker took all of Vince’s money, beat him, and left him for dead. The night was cold, and temperatures were expected to dip into the teens.

Two cars passed. Each driver saw Vince lying on the pavement, but neither would leave the comfort of their car to help him.

Then Richie drove down the street. He was on his way home to have dinner with his family, but an accident had forced him to take a different route. Seeing the injured man, he immediately stopped his car and went to him.

Richie grabbed his phone, prepared to call for help when he saw he had no cell reception. So, he did the first thing he could think to do. He gently carried Vince and put him in the passenger seat. Then he drove to a local hospital and stayed until Vince’s family arrived to look after him.

Like Richie, the Good Samaritan gave of his time and his energy, not just his money. Sometimes, when you see a need, it’s easy to throw money at it. But it’s a different kind of sacrifice to give your time and energy.

Often, it involves setting aside your plans for the day or evening. Maybe your child had a rough day at school and needs to talk. Perhaps your friend was injured and needs someone to run errands for her. Challenge yourself to be a Good Samaritan to someone in need today.

God, help me not to be so caught up on my to-do list and tasks that I miss helping someone in need. I want to give freely from my time and my energy.

Giving to a Friend – Devotional About Giving

Devotional About Giving – Day 10

Devotional About Giving

“Jonathan took off the robe he was wearing and gave it to David, along with his tunic,
and even his sword, his bow and his belt.” – 1 Samuel 18:4, NIV

Jonathan and David were the best of friends. Jonathan was King Saul’s son, but he also loved David. Jonathan must have heard the rumors about David and how he was selected to be the future king of Israel.

It was a position that Jonathan may have looked forward to one-day holding. Perhaps he’d even imagined as a young boy what it would be like to be king over a great nation that God had richly blessed.

But he never showed any malice toward David over this. If anything, Jonathan cared for David as he did his soul. He embraced his friend as the future king without letting his ego get in the way.

It can be hard when someone else gets promoted in your place. Perhaps your co-worker got the raise you wanted, or a friend received recognition for an idea that you came up with together.

Be like Jonathan and refuse to become focused on what should have been yours. Instead, seek to love your friend or co-worker and provide them with what they need to serve God wholeheartedly.

God, I confess: sometimes, I get so caught up in what I want that I forget Your plans are so much bigger than my own! Help me to be gracious and kind even when others get what I want.

Speaking Life over Others – Devotional About Giving

Devotional About Giving – Day 9

Devotional About Giving

Then Peter said, “Silver or gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you.
In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.” – Acts 3:6, NIV

Peter and John entered the local temple. Along the path into the church, beggars would often sit beside the road. Since many of them were disabled, the only way they could earn money would be to beg for kindness from the Christians entering the church.

One of the beggars was a man who’d been disabled since birth. He called out to Peter and John for charity. But what happened next changed his life.

Peter said, “I don’t have money to share with you. But I can share something even better! In the name of Jesus, walk!” Then he helped the beggar to his feet.

The man couldn’t stop looking at his feet. He’d spent years staring at them, silently willing them to heal. As a kid, he’d begged to wake up with two legs that worked perfectly.

He wiggled his toes. He lifted his foot, taking one halting step and another. Then he broke out into joyful laughter. He started to leap and run, entering the church with such happiness that every head turned to stare.

Peter and John had nothing to give to a beggar. Through Jesus, they gave him more than mobility. They gave him hope and a new identity. No longer was he the disabled beggar. He was now a favored child of the Lord.

Like Peter, you may not have money to help out someone in need. But you don’t have to give money to someone—you can provide hope. Do this by speaking life over them and their dreams.

God, put someone who needs encouragement and kindness into my path. I’d like to speak life over a hurting heart today.

From Your Abundance – Devotional About Giving

Devotional About Giving – Day 8

Devotional About Giving

“All the believers were together and had everything in common. Selling their possessions and goods,
they shared with anyone who was in need.” – Acts 2:44-45, NIV

Nathan was devastated when his wife abandoned him and their young daughters. Although his parents lived on a fixed income, they welcomed Nathan and his daughters with love and compassion.

A few weeks after the move, Nathan lost his job. Until then, they’d been scraping by, but he knew he had to find another job soon. He sent out resumes, went to a few interviews, and heard “we’ll call you” more times than he could count.

When a neighbor heard about the family’s difficulties, she shared their story with her local church. The congregation sympathized, but their benevolent fund for the year did not contain enough to help.

Still, one member volunteered to bring over a few home-cooked meals. Another said she had clothes her children had outgrown that would be perfect for the girls. An older man said he might know of a job that would work well for Nathan’s unusual situation.

One by one, those in the church service pledged their help to the needy family. Each member decided to share their abundance so that Nathan and his children wouldn’t have to do without anything.

Giving doesn’t have to be about giving vast amounts of money away or donating fancy cars. Sometimes, it’s just about looking at the resources you have and finding a way to share them with another in need.

God, please show me what areas of my life You’ve blessed with abundance. I want to take the extra blessing and pay it forward to someone else.

God’s Positioning System – Devotional About Giving

Devotional About Giving – Day 7

Devotional About Giving

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you,
plans to give you hope and a future.” – Jeremiah 29:11, NIV

Lacey and Tabitha headed out of town for a girl’s weekend at the lake. They had found a cabin for rent in Maine on the water, and they were looking forward to spending time together, just relaxing and having fun.

The lake was in a remote area, and Lacey’s GPS began to malfunction. Instead of showing them the entire path, it would only show them the very next step they were supposed to take.

At first, this troubled Tabitha. She held the steering wheel in a white-knuckle grip, afraid to get lost in the remote mountains.

But Lacey just laughed. “It’s like trusting God with my publishing journey. You’re not going to stop driving just because we can’t see the cabin. I’m not going to stop writing just because I haven’t published anything yet.”

Tabitha let out a shaky breath and didn’t move her eyes from the road, “Well, I’d rather see the complete journey at once, kind of an overview from God, so I know what to expect.”

“Wouldn’t that be missing the point?” Lacey fiddled with the GPS setting, “God already knows the path you’re meant to walk.”

It’s natural to panic when you can’t see the future. But you can rest secure in the knowledge that God has promised you a future and a hope. He’s already gone before you and knows what you need on your journey. Your only job is to follow step by step, even if you don’t understand or can’t see what’s going to happen next.

God, sometimes I can’t see what’s coming next, and that freaks me out. Help me to trust You when I can’t see the future.

Whose Day Will You Brighten? – Devotional About Giving

Devotional About Giving – Day 6

Devotional About Giving

“A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed.” – Proverbs 11:25, NIV

Edith lived a healthy, active lifestyle until a fall changed everything. With a broken hip and her arm badly sprained, she couldn’t live on her own any longer. Her son found an assisted-living facility a few hours away and helped her move.

Despite her new limitations, Edith remained positive. She quickly made friends with other patients and staff members. But she still had moments when she felt lonely.

One day, a letter came. It was a sweet note from a young child. Then another message from a single mom arrived a week later. Each letter brightened her day, but she wasn’t sure how the messages were getting to her.

She mentioned them to her son who laughed. “There’s a website, Mom,” he explained, “Where people can write letters to people in assisted-living facilities. I knew you were feeling blue, so I signed you up.”

When most people think of giving to others, their first thought is financial. But you don’t have to give dollars and cents to make a difference. Instead, you can give of your time and attention through writing notes to the elderly or soldiers.

You can do this by going online to sites like or Both of these websites will show you sample letters and offer suggestions for what to include in your note. You never know whose day you might end up brightening!

God, let me refresh someone else today. I want to be a blessing to those around me!

For the Love of Others – Devotional About Giving

Devotional About Giving – Day 5

Devotional About Giving

“The generous will themselves be blessed, for they share their food with the poor.” Proverbs 22:9, NIV

Lauren Puryear is a single mom living in New Jersey. Like many single parents, she works hard to keep food on the table. Several years ago, her grandmother who was passionate about helping others, died.

Determined to follow in her grandmother’s footsteps and show kindness to others, Lauren started handing out food to the homeless in her city. But there was only so much she could do on her limited budget.

Then one day, she realized she could use coupons and buy items in bulk. Doing this allowed her to make meals for even more people. Many of Lauren’s friends became inspired by her action. They began going grocery shopping with her and helped organize a storage unit.

Lauren even started an organization called For the Love of Others in memory of her grandmother. She’s expanding to offer more services to the homeless and needy around her.

God may have given you a passion for meeting a need as He did for Lauren. The problem is that your big dream may feel overwhelming at times. That’s when it’s important to trust God to provide and focus on serving just the person in front of you.

God, show me how I can meet the needs of those around me. Give me a passion for reaching out to others who need to know that someone cares about them.

Getting into the Christmas Spirit with a Nativity Set

Are you getting into the Christmas Spirit now that Thanksgiving is over and we are in December?

nativity set

Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. As a kid, I loved getting presents. But as a Christian adult, I have come to appreciate the real reason for the season, Jesus.

nativity set

The nativity set has always stood out to me as a classic reminder of Christmas. It gets me into the Christmas Spirit no matter what time of year.

We have several for different areas of the house. My Cherished Teddies one stays out all year.

nativity set


I’ve gathered a few of my favorite picks to share with you.

nativity set

Note: this post contains affiliate links. If you choose to buy, we may receive a small commission on your purchase at no additional cost to you. Thank you for supporting our family.


Bless You Holy Family Nativity Set 3 Pieces

nativity set

This is a cute little set, that is simple and wouldn’t take up much room.


Fisher-Price Little People Nativity Set

nativity set

Our boys loved Fisher-Price Little People when they were younger. I don’t think I could convince them to have this set now, unfortunately, since they are teenagers.


My Pop-Out Nativity

nativity set

A great set that can be popped out and played with. I would have loved this set when I was little.


One Piece White Porcelain Holy Family Figurine

nativity set

Simple, yet elegant. Would make a great addition to a bookshelf or a mantle.


Pillars of Heaven Nativity Set 9 Pieces

nativity set

I love the look of this set. I have had my eye on it for a couple of years. Maybe Santa will bring it this year!


Plush Nativity Play Set

nativity set

Perfect for little ones to play with, an adorable plush set.


Snowbabies, We Three Kings Set

nativity set

I used to collect Snowbabies. When my husband and I were first married, we didn’t have a lot of money. I sold all the Snowbabies to buy him a table saw for Christmas. This set of Wise Men is just precious!!


The Story Of Christmas Nativity Set

nativity set

Each figure has a scripture verse inscribed. Beautiful coloring, just waiting to go on a mantle or coffee table.


White Stoneware Nativity Set 5 Pieces

nativity set

All is calm; all is bright. I love this all-white version.


Woodland Mini Nativity Set Heartwood Creek 8 Pieces

nativity set

A smaller set for those that don’t have a lot of space.


Cherished Teddies 4 Piece Nativity Set

nativity set

As you can see, this is different than the set that I have. I couldn’t find a miniature version.


Complete Outdoor Nativity Set

nativity set

I have always wanted a nativity set to go in the yard. The boys are all about the inflatable Christmas figures right now, but maybe one day we can make a set of these.


BELIEVE Nativity Set

nativity setI thought my list was done until I saw this set on Amazon. I just bought this for myself and I’ll tell my husband what he bought me for Christmas. Does anyone else do that?


Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!